10 Facts That Nobody Knows About Freelance Writing

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Contrary to the popular belief, freelance writing is not always a bed of roses as it requires a significant contribution and hard work that often goes beyond what an average person is used to. There are numerous surprises that even a seasoned freelance writer will tell you that might shock and surprise you at the same time. According to the latest information, about 54 million Americans (approximately 34%) belong to freelancers where about 8% of them are freelance writers. If we think about the rough calculation, we might end up with 4,300 individuals involved in this challenging field. 

10 Facts That Nobody Knows About Freelance Writing 

1. Not all people can become freelance writers. 
It is a very challenging type of work that not everyone can handle as it is quite demanding and requires due patience and some waiting. 

2. Prices are usually much lower than expected. 
You can check the best site for writing essays first to determine what is required of good writing quality, yet what you receive will usually be much lower than what’s usually anticipated. 
3. Your flexible schedule is not always flexible. 
One of the most famous misconceptions that people have about freelance writing is flexibility, which is far from the truth. You may work from home, yet hectic schedules are met all the time, which can be stressful for those not expecting them! 

4. You do not have much legal protection as a freelance writer. 
It is a sad point that is rarely mentioned, which means that there are times when you just do not get paid or your client is not honest about what’s being asked. 

5. Creative writing will let you earn more. 
One of the ways to succeed as a freelance writer is to become engaged in creative writing like poetry, songs, creative plays, and entertaining content. It will help you stay above the competition! 

6. There are more female writers involved in the business. 
The majority of these are working mothers or those ladies who want to work from home without ruining their education or plans! 

7. Knowing more than one language is beneficial. 
If you have good language skills, it is a plus! 

8. Freelance writers mostly work late at night. 
This way they can cooperate with the different time zones as they are available during non-office hours. 

9. The majority of freelancers cooperate with the world’s top companies. 
It is not a widely-known fact, yet you will see freelancers writing for Forbes, CNN, or National Geographic! 

10. It takes an experienced person to do well in freelance writing. 
Do not believe those people who will tell you that anyone can become a successful freelancer right away. It always takes experience and going through numerous challenges. 

Why Resume Matters Way More Than Ever? 

It’s the rule of the thumb that freelancers must work on their resumes even more than those people who work for a single company, which is entirely true because an average freelance writer must communicate with thousands of potential clients and provide good samples of work with a bit of personal analysis and explanation. Depending on where and how you advertise yourself, you will have to create more than one resume that will either fit within LinkedIn resume requirements or some freelance writing platform where people share their unique skills or linguistic knowledge. 

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