3 Industries that Require Background Checks

All employers can benefit from background checks, but for some jobs, they’re crucial. Find out why your business needs background checks with this guide.

If you own your own business or practice, it’s important to establish safe and effective hiring practices. Background checks are a useful way to ensure that you’re hiring the best candidate for the job. While not all states or positions require a background screening, there are some industries where it’s crucial to your success. Here are three industries that require background checks to ensure the security of your team, your clients, and your overall business.



Because healthcare professionals deal with vulnerable groups every single day, it’s important to hire only the most trustworthy individuals for the job. Poor judgement in the hiring process can lead to dire consequences. Not only are you your practice’s reputation, but you’re also putting your patients’ lives in danger. This is why medicine and healthcare are some of the most crucial industries that require background checks. When you bring others into your practice, you need to make background checks a regular part of the process.


Restaurants and Retail

If you own a store or restaurant, you probably pride yourself on having excellent customer service. In order to uphold that quality, you need employees who treat customers well. A background check helps you learn more about every job candidate before you hire them. When you make informed hiring decisions, you help ensure the safety of every customer who walks into your business.


Financial Services

One of the different types of background checks is a credit check, which is extremely valuable when hiring employees to deal with various finances or financial information. If your business deals with credit card numbers, bank account information, tax reports, or other personal and confidential information, then your clients place a lot of trust in you and your employees. To help ensure their security—as well as your company’s success—you should make a background check part of your hiring process.