3 Tips on How to Promote Charitable Giving in the Workplace

One of the best ways to build employee engagement in the workplace is by encouraging charitable giving. Whether you provide paid volunteer hours or head out as a company to give back to the community, there are tons of ways to strengthen your company’s foundation and culture. Together, you all can work to benefit your community while simultaneously benefitting your company’s culture through generosity. After all, encouraging philanthropy in the workplace tends to attract the exact talented individuals you’re searching for. Learn more about how to promote charitable giving in the workplace, below!


Learn the Charities Employees Like

Your first step to promoting charitable giving in the workplace is finding out what charities your employees like and support. Ask people to send charity recommendations, send out a survey of charities your business supports, and find out if they like them—your main task is to determine the charities people find worthy of a donation. If you really want to keep your employees engaged, then you need to choose charities that the employees are passionate about. The more open you are about the different charities supported, the more likely employees will give. They’ll understand where their items and donations are going and who they’ll help!

If you need help finding a starting point, make sure to choose a charity or cause that is easy to work with, and it should be one that will actually make use of the donations as well.


Set Up Regular Donation Drives

Once you learn the different charities your employees are passionate about, you need to set up donation drives. We don’t just mean once a year around the winter holidays. Rather, if you really want to improve your company’s charitable giving, then these donation drives need to be consistent. Think about one once or twice a month. This way, you’re able to give to a variety of causes, and company-wide participation will be more likely.

A few examples of successful donation drives are clothing drives, food drives, school supply drives, and household good drives!


Encourage Volunteering In and Out of Work

Another fantastic tip on how to promote charitable giving in the workplace delves into the realm of volunteering. It’s one of the best ways to attract people—both employees and customers—to your company. Many people would rather support causes with time and money, so when you encourage volunteering both inside and outside of work, you’ll draw in a wider audience to your business. Allow for paid volunteer time as a company, which improves company culture and tends to lead toward higher donations for charities.

It’s a smart idea to plan volunteer events during work hours and give your employees an incentive for out-of-work volunteering. You’ll encourage charitable giving and improve your company’s entire standpoint on generosity.