3 Ways to Organize Your Thoughts on Paper

Our brain is capable of amazing things. It allows us to store huge amounts of data in our memory, as well as create entire universes in our heads. However, each person, at least once, faced with the fact that he/she cannot gather all thoughts. In order to cope with a similar problem, there are several interesting and useful steps. We suggest you familiarize yourself with it and never again experience problems with the organizing of your thoughts.


Your Papers Will Be Incredibly Fascinating and Logical

The organization is important not only in thoughts but also in actions. This is an important skill for success in conducting any business. For example, blogging is not possible without an organized content plan. The content of the blog is the responsibility of the creator.

So, before you start writing any document, you need to organize your own thoughts. This is necessary in order not to lose an important link in the development of events, as well as to ensure that the text or story is logical and has a complete look. In order to organize own thoughts, you can use several methods.

  1. Visual Sketching of Thoughts

There are people who better perceive information when they see it in front of themselves. It is easier for such people to put together all their mental sketches, composing a picture from their thoughts. There are several ways to do this:

  • Use wall and improvised materials. On a free wall or on a special board for notes, you need to identify key thoughts that you want to include in your work. Make it better with the brightest marker or with the help of multi-colored stickers. 


Having identified key points it is worth moving on, developing thoughts. Color, in this case, will help highlight the direction of certain thoughts. It should be noted that it will be more convenient to use stickers since at any time you can change the location of a specific thought without violating the general scheme. Using markers, it is more difficult to change the arrangement of thoughts.

  • Schematic sketch on paper. You can clearly distribute your thoughts with the help of certain schemes. To do this, use geometric shapes. But before it, you have to write down the main thoughts in random order you to form the basis for the future paper.


Sketch the figures schematically, indicating the order of the story and connect them with lines. Once the scheme is ready, you can begin to fill it using the previously written thoughts.

  1. Reproduction of Thoughts Aloud

There are people who find it much easier to perceive information that has been spoken aloud. In this case, there is the following way to organize your thoughts:

  • Record the story on the recorder. Speaking your thoughts out loud, you can form an integral picture of story, and a voice recorder will help transfer these thoughts to paper. Arm yourself with a piece of paper and a pen and while listening to the story, make notes. Thus, you can create a basic plan for the document and establish the correct sequence of thoughts, so that the paper turns out to be logical and interesting.


Cleaning the Head of Extra Information

Due to the fact that we often do several things at one time, our brain is used to multitasking. Therefore, some extraneous topics and ideas can wedge into the train of thought at a subconscious level when writing papers. This significantly reduces concentration and the ability to competently organize the course of the thoughts according to the chosen topic. Here are several methods that will help to cope with this:

  • Meditative practices. This is a good option to focus only on primary tasks. Cleansing the mind is useful not only for the better organization but also for general peace of mind and inner balance.
  • Physical exercise. In order to direct thoughts in the right destination, it is often necessary to distract and engage in other activities. A good option for a change of scenery is all kinds of physical activity. It helps relieve tension and normalizes blood circulation evenly throughout the body. The benefits of physical activity are not only to improve brain function but also are the key to well-being.
  • Recreation. This is the most forgotten item. People discount the importance of good sleep. But it was proved that a full sleep improves brain activity and increases the efficiency of the body as a whole. Therefore, if you are faced with the fact that none of the schemes for organizing thoughts is working, then it’s time to relax and start your work in the morning with renewed vigor.


In Conclusion

The order in the head is the key to success in all activities. So, take care of yourself properly, and let your mind work in full force!

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