3 Ways to Stay Focused in a Busy Office

The office is a place of productivity, efficiency, and an endless opportunity for distractions. With the constant ringing phones, the bing of new notifications, and the ever-present temptation to check one’s social media, finding privacy in the office and staying focused can be a real challenge.

Struggling to focus while getting work done in the office? It’s hard to cut through all of the distractions that are present each day. Here are a few suggestions to stay laser-focused while in the office.


Make your space private

Staying focused while working in a cubicle is work in itself. With one’s closest coworkers just a few feet away, it’s often overwhelming trying to get work done with just a piece of panel for privacy. While one can’t change the basic setup of their cubicle, there are a few things that can be added to improve productivity.

When trying to improve focus in a cubicle farm, it helps to have cubicle dividers and cubicle doors. These additions are a godsend for anyone that has struggled to drown out the distracting noise of the outside office world. Even if these are temporary and only used at certain times, it can still be beneficial. As useful as it is to collaborate with coworkers, there are other times when you need to focus exclusively on the task at hand.


Learn to seclude yourself

An open plan layout is all about openness and encouraging the transference of ideas throughout the workplace. While there are lots of benefits to this type of office layout, for some employees, there are times it’s very distracting. Providing spaces for employees to take important calls or having small dividers around desks can help prevent distraction and too much noise from reaching all employees.


Focus effectively with headphones

The power of headphones in the workplace is truly underrated. While one may do their best to reduce distractions and eliminate outside noise, oftentimes it’s not enough. Headphones are the best way to truly tap into a laser-focused mindset in a busy environment. Blocking out any noise other than the music blasting through the speakers, the best headphones are a saving grace for workers seeking productivity.

No one truly wants to work in an office that is completely silent. However, when trying to get work done, one must cut through the noise. Try these three suggestions to boost productivity and encourage privacy in the workplace.