4 Habits That Will Help You Achieve Happiness and Fulfillment

Tips to become happier and more likable

Happiness… this is what you want, what I want, and what everyone else wants. Interestingly, while we all want to attain happiness in our lives, so many of us are clueless as to how they could be happy in their lives. Perhaps this is because it is too easy to take for granted what we have right now, and we, instead, keep looking for the things we think could give us fulfillment. If being fulfilled for you is a difficult thing to do, consider making some changes in your life. What you will read below are some tips that have helped many people become happier and more likable.

1. Never forget to ask questions.

It doesn’t matter if you want to improve personally or professionally, it is important that you learn to ask questions. Apparently, we are all too busy telling and speaking that we don’t know anymore why it is helpful to ask. Remember that by asking questions, you become a learner. Questions help resolve conflicts. Questions improve relationships. Questions lead to smart decisions. Once you learn how to ask first before you say anything, you will begin to feel your own personal growth.


2. Be generous in giving compliments or feedback.

One key to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship is how you can make your loved ones feel good about themselves. It is good that you praise your special someone for their achievements, but it would be better if you could be more specific in giving positive feedback. Express how proud you are of them for their particular achievements as this will surely inspire them to do better next time around. For your part, you will feel good about yourself for being a motivator and inspiration to the people close to your heart.


3. Stop chasing your passion.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to find what your heart truly desires. While it is vital that you figure out what you’re passionate about, it isn’t good to spend all your time and energy finding that something that will make you love everything in your life. Instead, you should learn how to live life with enthusiasm and commitment. In your current job, for example, there is no sense in continuously complaining about how bored you are in your position. What you ought to do is learn to like your job, do your best in it, and allow yourself to discover things you never knew about yourself. You might be surprised that what you have been doing all along is what you actually are passionate about.


4. Allow yourself to be with great people.

We all need good friends, and we also need to find our own mentor. Who we surround ourselves with plays an important role in how we will eventually become as individuals. Successful people have the luxury of finding people who have helped them grow and develop to greatness. This is why they say your company can pretty much tell the kind of person you will eventually become. Thus, it is important that you choose the friends you will be with, and in the workplace, consider working with a mentor. You can then rely on your career mentor when it comes to deciding on your career path and career opportunities.