4 Leadership Styles That Will Make You Rethink How You Run Your Business

From reactive to resolute it's time to reboot how you respond as a leader.

Of course, we all know that water really does roll downhill. We also know that leaders at the top make a huge difference in what they do and say. All leaders want the success of high production and low turnover. In the moments of decision do you speak out or shut up?

Pay attention to what you say, when you say it and when you zip it.

Look below and see which of these for basic leadership style needs to go away. Then make a decision. As renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow said”You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety.”

Growth wins every time. In order to succeed, you must first understand yourself. It’s only then you can observe others and help them grow.

These 4 leadership styles are classic and universal, they transcend culture and gender and can ruin the best of teams and companies.

The Avoider: Do you always want to wait and see before making a decision? Is your tendency to look the other way and hope the situation will resolve itself so you don’t have to ever be on the firing line if it doesn’t work out? Think back to when you were a kid. Were you the one who spoke up and got sent to your room for being in everyone’s face. From that you may well have learned to stay out of the fray.

The Pleaser: Are you prone to take a poll before making any decisions? And are you willing to forego your intuition and simple lead by making the majority happy? Will you always look at the positive and see the sun shining even if there is really a torrential storm outside? When you were a little tyke were you the one who made everyone smile and never asked for help. You just wanted peace and calm, and would do whatever you could to keep all the tough stuff under the surface.

The Persecutor: Do you end up shoving your index finger in people’s faces to make a point? Are you considered large and in charge (it’s not about your physical characteristics) and people will call you a bully behind your back? When you were a child did you fill the void of absent parents who were more like kids and you were the grown up, even if you were still in elementary school?

The Super Achiever: Is it all about you? How smart you are, how creative you are, how you can take everyone across the Red Sea and never even get anyone’s feet wet? When you talk do you go on and on and romance every situation and make it always because you are so good? As a kid, were you expected to get the highest grades and the most awards. And was this to please others to maybe, just maybe, make up for the underlying sadness at home?

Once you identify the behavior patterns that hold you back you can transform them. As President Theodore Roosevelt said “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

It’s possible to take these patterns and turn them inside out and upside down. After you diagnose your strengths and weaknesses, get a coach to help you find the remedies that can point you to accelerated success.


Originally published on Inc

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