5 Effective Brick and Mortar Marketing Strategies

If your store needs a boost in sales, we encourage you to act. We share five fantastic brick and mortar marketing strategies you can implement today.

Do you own a brick and mortar store and wish to attract more customers? Fortunately, you can make a few simple changes to completely transform your storefront and gain the popularity your business deserves. We recommend experimenting with the five brick and mortar marketing strategies we outline below.

Strategy #1: Improve Business Operations

One surefire way to market your business is to improve how you operate. This ensures your company name circulates through word of mouth. Provide exceptional service, and train employees to prioritize customer needs. Additionally, update your point-of-sale system and offer free Wi-Fi. Pay special attention to your storefront, too—after all, when it comes to luring people inside, curb appeal is everything. For instance, consider meticulously manicured landscaping and stunning, easy-to-read signage. Ultimately, your mission is to create a seamless shopping experience for all who enter your store.


Strategy #2: Integrate Print into Your Marketing Plan

Contrary to popular belief, print isn’t dead. Don’t be afraid to hang a few flyers in neighboring shops to make your business known. Another approach is to participate in community outreach. If you attend fundraisers and give away merchandise at these events, locals will certainly notice you and inquire about your company.


Strategy #3: Use Emails to Your Advantage

Your brick and mortar business can also increase foot traffic by lengthening its email list. Email marketing can easily entice potential customers to stop at your physical location. Furthermore, emails are ideal spaces for you to advertise in-store happenings and share in-store promotions. You can even include coupons, discounts, and other incentives in the messages you plan to send out. Trust us, you’ll see instant results—people love deals!


Strategy #4: Beautify Your Website and Social Media Accounts

Your website and social media profiles are useful tools for promoting your physical storefront and its offerings. The majority of people use social media, so it’s essential to add visually compelling and interesting content that’ll inspire users to visit you in person and buy your products or services.


Strategy #5: Utilize Paid Search and SEO

Everybody constantly uses the Internet, so you need to make it easy for people to discover your business online. Often, if people want to shop at a physical location, they’ll conduct “near me” searches on their computers or phones. That’s why it’s important to think about optimizing your site for organic traffic and focusing on paid search to drive in-store traffic. By utilizing these two techniques, you’ll build up your brand in search engines’ results pages.

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