5 Things You Should Never Say If You Want A New Job ASAP

Getting a new job starts with you and if you constantly find yourself saying any of these statements you’re sabotaging your opportunities.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a co-worker who’s always talking about quitting. They’re always saying how much they’re ready to leave. But, whenever you ask them how things are going, they don’t have much to say because they haven’t made any progress, let alone applied for another position. If you’ve never had a co-worker like that, you may be that co-worker.

Of course, getting a new job requires more than just saying the right things. But, if you frequently find yourself saying one of these five things, you’re holding yourself back more than you realize.


“I never have time to search for positions.”

Let’s be honest. How many times have you started job hunting, only to stop after some time because life got in the way? It happens.

When you’re working 40+ hours a week, with other personal commitments, more time for your job search isn’t going to magically appear. But, it’s not about finding an abundance of time, it’s about using the limited time you do have wisely. When you spend your limited time focused on the right approach to getting a new position, it doesn’t require round-the-clock dedication. Stop saying, “I don’t have time,” and start asking, “How can I use the time I do have more effectively?”


“I have to apply online.”

The lie detector determined that was a lie. You do not have to apply online. You may want to because you’re used to applying that way. But, it’s not the only way or the best way to land a new position as quickly as possible.

In fact, my clients land dream roles without having to submit one application online. If you want to land a new job, you have to be willing to change your approach and switch things up. This means spending less of your limited time sending your application into the Black Hole of rejection, and more of your time connecting with real people and reaching out directly to hiring managers. Stretch yourself out of your comfort zone.


“I’m having a hard time finding a new job because…”

Searching for a new job is not for the faint of heart, but I’ve noticed that most people who struggle to find a new job blame their failed job search on external reasons. If you’re guilty of ever saying things like the job market is so small, the job market is so competitive, “I’ve stayed at this company too long,” “I haven’t stayed at this company long enough,” or whatever similar reason, then you fall in this category.

When you put the blame or focus on external factors, it stops you from taking responsibility for the outcome. Your circumstance, the city you live in, the job market, your experience, is not working against you. You just haven’t learned how to make it work for you. That’s the real reason you’re having a hard time finding a new job, and once you take responsibility for that, you can fix that.


“I’m not sure if I should leave yet.”

Playing the fence will only leave you on the fence. It’s hard to make any real progress if you haven’t fully decided on the direction you’d like to go. You can’t give 100% at work because you’re not sure if you want to be there, and you can’t give 100% to your job search because you’re not sure if you want to leave. You’ve got to make a decision. If you’ve been contemplating leaving for a while now, it may be best to get clear on why that’s the best thing for you, then devote 100% of your energy on your exit strategy.


“Can I really get a better job than this?”

Short Answer: Yes. This one is a little tricky because it’s usually not something you’ll say out loud. This is a thought most people quietly think to themselves. But, it negatively affects your progress and possibilities. Believing anything other than “Yes, I can get a better job than this” is a recipe for settling. Either you’ll settle where you are or you’ll convince yourself to settle for another role you don’t love. You’re probably guilty of this if you find yourself still asking, “Should I leave?” Or, if you’re constantly getting feedback that you’re overqualified for the roles you’re pursuing. You’re playing small because you think you’ve reached your peak, and it’s keeping you stuck.

My client Victoria was almost a victim of this. She had spent six years at her company, and although she was ready to leave, she didn’t truly believe that she could do better. So, she applied to smaller local companies thinking those were her best options. But, once she let go of this mindset and got clear on what’s possible for her, she landed a new senior role at a better company and had to turn down multiple opportunities at global firms when she accepted her new position.

Again, landing a new job requires many other things. But, the most important element is you. Getting a new job starts with you and if you constantly find yourself saying any of these statements you’re sabotaging your opportunities. Remove these sentences from your vocabulary so you can move forward.


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Originally published at Forbes