5 Ways You Can Impress a Hiring Manager on Your Next Interview

Some points that can help you get hired

When it comes to job interviews, hiring managers and recruiters for sure have seen all gimmicks and tricks in the book. In short, there is nothing you will do that your potential employers may not have seen before. What really matters that you should focus on is the content of the interview.

So what are you supposed to do in order to impress a hiring manager? Use the following tips to help you ace your next interview:

1. Be fully aware of your experience.

Of course, you should know your experience by heart. Describing your experience should be the easiest part of the interview because you only have to talk about yourself. However, many job seekers still stumble over this part of the interview.

As you look at your resume, pay attention to the most important projects you’ve handled, the biggest challenges you’ve faced, and the things you like the most and the least about your previous jobs. Also, you should be able to explain gaps in your work history, why you left your job, and so on.


2. Know how important your role was in your previous jobs.

One of the most effective ways to impress a potential employer is to quantify the influence you had in your previous jobs. Hiring managers would want to hear about your successes and how you achieved them. They would like to know also the impact of your role in your past organizations. Letting the recruiters know the outcomes of your efforts will give them more reasons to consider hiring you.


3. Show how your past experience will apply to the job you’re applying for.

Make it clear to your potential employers how your past experiences will help them achieve their company goals. Make mention of the specific goals of the position that the company wants to achieve, and talk about how you can use your skills and experience to meet such requirements. Employers want to have a clear picture of how you can handle the position and how you will contribute to their efforts.


4. Make the interview a conversation.

Recruiters typically expect job applicants to do most of the talking in a job interview. But you shouldn’t think of it this way. It is recommended that you make the interview a conversation between you and your potential employer. Do some research about the company and show interest in knowing more about how they do business or what their company culture is like. Engaging in a conversation with a recruiter will definitely help you stand out.


5. Send a meaningful follow-up note after the interview.

Think about the most important parts of the interview and mention it on your follow-up note, which you can send right after the interview. You may use this short note to make them remember why you are the right candidate for the job. According to career planning coaches, this note will play an important role in giving employers a positive impression of you.