6 Ways to Promote Self-Confidence

The author gives tips on how to promote your self-confidence.

No matter who you are or where you are in life, embracing and cultivating self-confidence is incredibly important. You have value as a person, even though there are going to be some days when you feel down and lost. Life is going to be challenging, but as long as you keep pushing forward, you can do whatever you set your mind to. When you’re questioning who you are and your purpose in life, here are some ways to inspire confidence in yourself so you can go out there and keep crushing your goals.

Take time to reflect

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and lack confidence in your abilities, simply take time to reflect. Find some quiet time in a place you feel at peace and think about the ways you’ve succeeded so far as person. No matter how tempting it can be to give in to negativity, find what you’re thankful for. Then, consider ways you could improve whatever you’re currently doing.


Meditation is a great way to help yourself focus on the positives in life and center yourself. Practicing meditation helps reduce stress, increase your focus, and helps encourage a healthy lifestyle. Create a space for yourself where you can relax and feel at peace. It takes some practice to get fully immersed in meditation, but there are plenty of guides online you can use to help!

Stay away from electronics

For many of us, if we’re feeling unconfident in ourselves, aimlessly scrolling on social media and seeing how great everyone else’s lives look can push us down even further. It’s healthy to get away from screens, so take a walk outside or a soothing bath and pamper yourself without the distraction of social media.

Get comfortable

If you’re feeling bad, you’ll feel a lot better if you take time to relax. Make yourself comfortable somewhere that makes you feel peaceful and spend time clearing your mind. Light candles that have uplighting scents or just give yourself time to rest. You’ll feel refreshed afterwards and more confident in your abilities if you take time to simply be comfortable.

Do something you love

When you’re feeling down, take time to do something you love that’ll perk you up. Whether that’s exercising, watching your favorite television show, or sleeping, you’ll feel better after taking time to do something for yourself. It’ll allow you to feel more centered and in control.

Spend time with others

There’s no better cure for a lack of confidence than spending time with your favorite people. Go for a walk or grab a meal together; after a conversation with a good friend, you’ll feel uplifted and more confident. If you feel comfortable, talk to them about how you feel; a quality friend can help you look at yourself with more confidence.

Reassess your goals

Finally, once you feel more confident and like you have a handle on everything, take time to reassess your goals. If you feel like you aren’t succeeding in ways you expected, maybe your expectations are too high. Maybe it’s time to pursue something new; if your current path feels stale, there’s nothing wrong with undertaking something new and exciting. Assess where you’re going and how you’re getting there and adjust accordingly in ways that complement your personality.