7 Ways to Stay Happy While Looking for a New Job

Here are seven ways to stay happy and stress free while looking for a new job.

Looking for a new job can take up time that you would normally use to relax. Not being able to relax will add to the stress of job hunting itself. Here are seven ways to stay happy and stress free while looking for a new job.

1. Goals

While looking for a job it is important to set goals for yourself. They should be small and manageable. Goals can be something like sending out two resumes a day. Or, you could rewrite your cover letter for a certain position. Reward yourself at the end of the week with an online movie or a long hot bubble bath. Maintaining goals will help you get the job you desire without the stress involved in searching.


2. Networking

Take the time to meet with people who can help with your job search. Invite them out to lunch and tell them what kind of job you are looking for. Sometimes a personal conversation can lead to a good reference or even a job you desire. Networking can, and should, be done online but not exclusively. Call someone up and talk to them about what your future plans are. Meet them for a walk in a local park. There are many ways to connect and talk to people who can help you find your next job.


3. Classes

While you are waiting for your next job to appear you should take a class or two that will help boost your hireability. Most employers are looking for people with technological skills. If this is a weak area for you, take a class that will help you with those skills. A bonus is that you can include the class on your resume. Once you have completed the class you can use an online resume builder to help you figure out where the class will appear on your resume.


4. Volunteer

Volunteering will help you get your mind off of your daily routine. It is also a great way to meet new people and to network. You will be helping people and getting an advantage yourself. Volunteering is also a great stress release. Many different organizations need volunteers on a daily basis. Find an organization that suits you and you may end up with some great references for your job search.


5. Long haul

Finding a new job usually does not happen quickly. It is important not to get discouraged if you do not hear anything within the first couple of weeks or so. Be ready to send out quite a few resumes and cover letters to different companies. Organize your time and do not give up. Many people fall into a rut and stop taking care of themselves when they do not hear back from any companies. Or, if they do not hear back after an interview. Stay on top of your outgoing resumes and know that you will be searching for a while. The search will prove fruitful down the road. There is a job out there waiting for you.


6. Treat day

One day a week you should put aside all of your job search material and concentrate on yourself. You will not get a job if you wear yourself out. It is easy to feel stressed, disillusioned, and down. Make sure you are taking care of yourself physically and mentally. You need to be in great shape to get the job you want. Go out for a walk, take a dance class, get out with your friends, do anything that makes you happy. It wont do you any good if you get a job and you are too stressed out to do your new job well. Pamper yourself and put yourself first.