8 Guaranteed Fun Team Building Exercises

Team building exercises can be a fun way to get your team members motivated and on the same page.

Team building exercises can be a fun way to get your team members motivated and on the same page. Some team building exercises can be a bit dull or boring. Here is a list of eight guaranteed to be fun team building exercises.

1. Making movies

This is a fun team builder that will have your employees interacting and having a great time. They have to be creative and problem solve in order to make a good movie. All they need is their imagination and cell phones. Encourage them to take this activity out of the office to a nearby park, zoo, or wherever they will have fun. Your team will get to know each other better and you will see where members fit in the team.


2. Two facts one lie

Your team members should come up with two facts and a lie about themselves. Then everyone goes around in a circle and shares their two facts and one lie. It is up to the rest of the team to determine what the lie is. The lie should be something that is possible, not obvious. Your team will learn something about each other and get closer with this exercise.


3. Karaoke night

Take your team to a local club or restaurant that is hosting karaoke and have them either sing solo or in pairs. This is a fun way to get to know your team and blow off some stress. You will find out who can sing, and who can’t, and what people’s favorite songs are. Karaoke brings people together and is a fun way to interact socially.


4. Dancing

Your team will thank you for getting them out of the office when you let them know you signed them up for hustle dance lessons. Relive the disco age and hustle along the dance floor. Dancing will promote team togetherness and will provide some exercise and a way to get out of the office for a fun night.


5.Walk dogs

Contact your nearest dog rescue shelter and offer to walk dogs for an hour. The dogs will love to be out and about and your team will have fun together promoting a good cause. Shelters are often looking for volunteers to help with animal socialization and walking dogs together is a great way to socialize and talk about work outside of the office. Your team will bond with each other and the dogs.


6. Escape Room

Take your team to a local escape room. You will have an hour to get out of the room before time runs out. There are various themed escape rooms around the country. Your team will have to collaborate and come up with ideas on the fly in order to escape on time. This is a fun team building exercise which will bring your team together for a common goal.


7. Blind trust

Divide your team into two groups, or invite another team along for this teambuilder. You will blindfold one member of the group and the team will have to guide them through the office to a main desk where they will have to make a simple house out of popsicle sticks, craft paper, and glue. The team member who can see can only offer verbal directions to the blindfolded member. The person who gets to the desk and creates their house first wins.


8. Show and tell

Your team members should bring in something they like and talk about it, just like when you were in kindergarten. Team members will learn more about each other and have a fun day with things they enjoy.