Are You Ready To Set New Records?

Statistics are only temporary and meant to be broken

Selling applies to all of our communications, including getting ready to set new records. We communicate to influence business. Working from home gives us time for giving thought to strategies that can grow business and enhance sales. It is excellent preparation for when we return to a more natural working environment.

Statistics are only momentary in time. The goal is to surpass the current standards as we prepare to set new records.  We are to align our forward-thinking with the advancements in technology.  For example, instead of our meetings taking place on-premises, we meet via video software. So how can we set new records?

When it comes to strategy for efficiency and effectiveness, a favorite saying comes into play, Combining the old-fashioned niceties with new-age technology is the savviest strategy of all.  And long ago, Dale Carnegie suggested that calling a person by their proper name is what catches attention from a stranger. Adding in respect and thoughtfulness, the prospective client listens and seeks to learn more. One more name adds to the potential client list.


Ready to Move Past the Old and Set New Records

We can easily apply the advice to social platforms such as LinkedIn. Making an effort to review a person’s profile first, and remembering their name, builds credibility and enhances the positive response ratio.

On Twitter, we find information on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the latest in robotics. But, we also read messages about the merits of incorporating kindness and respect for all. The gesture will never go out of style.  Instead, a more meaningful conversation develops.

Combing the old-fashioned niceties with new-age technology brings into question:

  • The hiring process
  • Treatment of corporate team members
  • The rise to the executive suite

Many businesses are losing money. Will employees still have a job when social distancing lifts.  Many are beginning the interviewing process.  Others are hopeful that in their absence, appreciation toward them will increase.  Preparation for returning to the usual work environment is underway.

What can you do to enhance the work environment and employee loyalty by setting new standards?  Consider the following.  One organization that dedicates itself to researching equality made an alarming statement. The company predicts it will take 275 years for women to achieve equal status.

The statement is both believable and unbelievable from my perspective. It is credible given that not much has changed since I was in the corporate environment. At the same time, it is incredible that more action is not underway to address the problems and set new records.  It is inexcusable to sit and wait for 275 years to pass.

  1. Females comprise about half the population, so why isn’t progress being seen?
  2. What are mothers missing in training sons to treat everyone with equal respect?
  3. Why aren’t the sons showing their appreciation by providing equal opportunity wherever they may?

Both men and women share responsibility in the matter.  As a woman, we can never give up our desire to move forward and fight for equality. Most of us are more than ready to set new records. 


Answer these questions:

  1. Are you happy with your progress?
  2. Do you feel short-changed in the ability to utilize your talent?
  3. Is it time to make a switch or consider entrepreneurship?

Another piece to the soul searching aspect is to consider how you may help communities at large as you make advancements. Sometimes leading is unexpectedly thrust upon us.

  • How can you share your experiences with groups to help them expand their thinking?
  • Are you ready to take on advocacy for equality?
  • Are you willing to present reason to executives at your corporation to work toward more inclusiveness?


Now consider working out a plan to have your voice advocate for what’s right and best.  By keeping your eye on the bigger goal, you can carve out the next steps for your advancement. Last, cast a wide net. When we work together to set new records, we will all win.


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