Battling Limiting Beliefs in Business? Here Are 4 Ways to Beat Them


No matter how accomplished you are in your field, it’s likely that you may have encountered moments of doubt about your skills, strengths or even potential. In those moments you may have had to dig deep to keep yourself from throwing in the towel or missing great opportunities that came your way.

Personal achievement has it’s roots in a few characteristics including self-awareness, self-trust and self-confidence. Trusting in your abilities and personal power is the essence of inner confidence which propels one to take action in order to get things done. Limiting beliefs hinder productivity, performance and achieving goals. 

Here are four tips that can help you overcome limiting beliefs in pursuit of your business goals:

1. Master Your Inner Game

The mind is a battlefield of desire versus will-power. What we desire may not always be what benefits us the most at particular points in time. We may desire more sleep, more time-off or more time on social media but those have no bearing on productivity, business growth or profits. In business, it’s important to consciously use the power of will to master your inner game and focus on what will accelerate personal success and the actions you need to take to make it happen.

2. Who Are You Talking to? Who’s Talking to You? And What Are You Talking About?

One potent contributor to limiting beliefs is listening to external opinions that do not add value to your success. Good advice that contributes to improving personal impact and growing in business should come from experienced individuals who share your value for progress and have the same mindset for success. Be consciously selective of whose advice you take or who mentors you for success. If you prefer group support, choose a network of like-minded or accomplished professionals who will challenge your limiting beliefs and inspire you to up-level. Whoever influences your thoughts influences your outcomes.

3. Be Mindful of Your Thoughts and Inner Monologue

Mindfulness is the act of paying more attention to the present moment and being intentional about thoughts, feelings, words and actions irrespective of circumstances. Negative thoughts and self-talk perpetuate failure and have the potential to derail your business goals and dreams. The idea behind mindfulness is to be consciously alert and present in each experience, and to focus on release negative thoughts in favour of positive ones. Being positive does not mean that you never come up against challenges. But it does mean that when you do come up against them, your arsenal of positive beliefs includes the knowledge that you have the capability to achieve better results.

4. Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

In the world of business, the word “competitor” is used to describe those in the same industry or sector who are offering the market a similar product or service. As much as market research is important to gain a better understanding of how best to serve your target market, there is a danger of getting sucked into comparison instead of adding value. This also applies to life in general. Comparison creates the danger of low confidence, hesitation and potential stagnation. Get clear on your business goals, your vision and the value you want to add to clients and potential clients, then give your undivided attention to adding value to those clients and not trying to “look better” than the next business. Instead of competing, focus on innovating so you have the edge that attracts your ideal clients.