Can You Use Inspiration To Move Forward?

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Inspiration helps us to move you forward when we feel stress. Ultimately, the goal is to eliminate allowing negativity to dominate our minds and potentially harm our health. By maintaining a positive mindset during the worst of times, possibilities may occur that otherwise would remain non-existent.

Inspiration can arrive in many forms. It’s up to each of us to recognize what will inspire us to continue our momentum. As we focus on a hobby, exercise, or nature and allow our minds to roam, ideas come forth for improving tomorrow.

Motivating thoughts to consider are:

⦁ “Never Give Up! Instead, find a better way to proceed.
⦁ Persevere until you prove to yourself, Yes, I Can!”


Entrepreneurs and those in the sales profession can use their everyday conversations as primary examples for speaking with clientele. A relaxing and inquisitive style promotes a more in-depth discussion. Sharing stories and laughter are the bonus qualifiers for selecting you as the preferred vendor. Soon others will turn to you to be their source of inspiration.

While nature relaxes the mind, many of us are dependent upon the weather. During stressful times, I also turn to music to take my mind off of the news. The purpose is to regain focus so that we may successfully pursue our work.


Tips for Combating A Lack of Focus:

1. Recall your long-distant future goal

Pay attention to what is in place today and what needs to change for tomorrow. Include a flexible plan of action in place.


2. Keeping up to date on the latest technology updates

Make an effort to read and understand news articles each day regarding the newest developments and trends. Ask younger family members in the know about their perspectives. Similar to negotiation, attempt to co-join the ideas the best you may.


3. Attempt to incorporate what you hear, see, and read into an updated business approach.

Do you wonder how companies will include a standard of ethics with robotics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain? We frequently read that there is a dilemma around implementing ethics into the latest technologies. Years ago, there was concern about ‘big brother watching you.’ Today, the reality is here as we read more about facial recognition and cameras on the streets, watching people wherever we may go.

We can find the news terrifying and depressing, while others can take action by putting the dilemmas to better use. Some are working on how they may best incorporate a standard of ethics into the new technologies. The more creative and activist types can work with government officials to regulate how the latest developments maintain a standard of integrity and ethics.


Apply The Good and Bad To Client Conversations

Upon meeting with clientele, apply the principle of using inspiration to move both of you forward.  It’s good to ask how they adapt to the new and concerns they may have with moving forward. For a more robust conversation, inquire how their employees are adapting to the updates. As the conversations grow to be more in-depth, the possibilities for business grow, too.  The reason is, it appears that everyone needs inspiration.

We can further the conversation by inquiring about our prospects’ goals and timelines. Just as we review what may be holding us back and uncover the fix, we can discuss the same with clients. Everyone craves attention. Upon asking thoughtful and caring questions, we stand out from the many other representatives.

When others see us as doing our best to understand their circumstances, they begin paying attention to us. A thoughtful conversation and follow-up, as we promise, leads to our desired returning and referring clientele.

Give thought to the following questions as the answers can steer you in a better direction:

  1. Who do you most admire and why?
  2.  What is it they do that you wish you could do?
  3. Do you believe you have something to learn by having a conversation?

When names of people you admire come to mind, do your best to find their contact information. An excellent place to begin is on the LinkedIn platform.

Once you review their profile, use these steps to increase the odds of hearing back:

⦁ Briefly state that you admire their work and describe your reason(s).
⦁ Offer that you are interviewing a few people to learn how to achieve what they did and seek advice.
⦁ Set a date and time to speak at their convenience.
⦁ Compare and contrast several conversations to find a common thread.
⦁ Adapt the best of what you hear to your style and implement it in your business plan.

Assure the people that you greatly value their time and help. Ask how you might return a favor. If you add their commentary to an article, let them know they will receive publicity and the audience that will see it.  The other side of the coin is the leaders with whom you continue the conversation will see you using inspiration to move forward.

Upon speaking to those who are more advanced in their careers, you will be in a position to use inspiration to move your forward!

Sales Tips: Can You Use Inspiration To Move Forward?

⦁ Stop, look and listen to those who have gone before you.
⦁ Ask those you admire for a short conversation to learn how they found success.
⦁ Upon having multiple conversations, seek out the common thread among the leaders.
⦁ Reflect on the stories and what catches your attention the most.
⦁ Figure out how to implement what intrigues you most into your plan.
⦁ Update your plan of action with a new vision and mission.
⦁ Include goals and timelines in your new plan.
⦁ Share your ideas with trusted peers and ask for input.
⦁ As it becomes your turn to share inspiration, teach those following in your footsteps.
⦁ Celebrate Success!


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