Career Choices: Why Do We Recommend Nursing

According to an unknown author “When you’re a nurse, you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours.” Therefore, if you are looking for a career of service, you should explore this profession. At the moment, there is a growing demand for skilled nurses to help manage patients with different ailments. Working as a nurse is rewarding for the people in this profession. In case you are contemplating taking a nursing course, here are four reasons why you should:
1.      Job security
Whether there is a recession or not, there is always going to be a demand for health professionals particularly nurses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics by 2026, there will be an increase in the employment rates of registered nurses by 15% compared to other professions. Therefore, if you desire a profession where you do not worry about job security ever, you should pursue nursing. Also, with the world population growing at a high scale accompanied by increased disease burden across the globe, there will always be a demand for nurses. If you are still in doubt, you need to take lessons from the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are millions of people who are unwell and very few healthcare workers to take care of them. The COVID-19 pandemic has done a good job at demonstrating that there is a limited number of health workers hence there is going to be a demand for these professionals in the future.

2.      Better pay and opportunities
The median wage for nurses is about $77,000 per year. So, this profession not only guarantees you job security but better pay as well. There is also a broad range of opportunities that you can pursue. However, before you get to pick a specialization, you may need to do NCLEX-RN exams so that you get your certification. To prepare for these exams you need to first go through the NCLEX study guide. If you enjoy the adrenaline rush of working in emergencies, you can become an ER nurse where you work in the trauma unit. Suppose you enjoy working with children, you can major in pediatrics and work in children’s hospitals or schools. So, whatever your passion is, you can pursue it in this field. Some of the best paying nursing professions based on include general nurse practitioner, informatics nurse, certified registered nurse anesthetist, critical care nurse, pain management, and medical-surgical nurse. There are various bachelor’s and master’s degrees that will help you get the qualifications that you need to pursue any of these options and get better pay. You just have to figure out where your interest is at!

3.      Job flexibility
In case you didn’t know, the nursing field is one of the most flexible careers that there is. Most nurses do not need to work from nine-five like other professionals. While health services are required around the clock, you can choose your work schedules. You can decide whether you want to work freelance, full-time, or on a part-time basis. You can also choose whether you want to work daytime, nights, weekends, or a few days during the week. In this profession, you can still be a nurse and have enough time to take care of other obligations such as family. Also, when it comes to pursuing a nursing degree, you can still choose whether you want to study part-time or full-time, online, or on campus. In short, you will enjoy so much flexibility working in this field.

4.      Immense growth opportunities
The nursing field also offers room for growth and advancement in various sectors. While working as a nurse, you can move to other managerial positions or transition to more demanding and challenging roles. For instance, you have been working in the delivery and labor room for a while, you could always go back to school and become a certified midwife where you will get to deliver children on your own. Additionally, become a portable nurse where you travel while practicing. There are so many organizations that provide travel nurse opportunities around the globe that you can explore.

You will never have a dull moment in the field of nursing. There is always going to be an interesting case or job opportunity. Job security, opportunities, flexibility, and chances for growth are always going to be there. Thus, make up your mind ASAP!