Career Planning Tips for University or College Students

Tips to help you in your future job search

Graduating from college is a milestone everyone looks forward to, but this also means you are about to take on one of the most daunting tasks ever – entering the workforce. After spending years trying to figure out what you want to do in your life or what career you should pursue, now is the time for you to put all your knowledge and training to test. To make things more difficult for you, there are thousands of other graduates out there that you need to compete with in landing a job.


The following tips will help you gain an edge before you even start your job search:

1. Gain some work experience.

Your previous experience is one of the most important factors hiring managers will take into consideration. Any kind of work experience you indicate in your resume will give you an edge over other candidates. Thus, it would help if you can start getting such experience while you are still in college.

Joining an internship program right after your graduation will also help you gain professional edge. Focus on the kind of work that you love to do and strive to learn new skills and knowledge, which can later on help you land your ideal job. Don’t get frustrated if your first job isn’t your actual dream job as long as you’re using your time to acquire knowledge and important skills.


2. Do not hesitate to share your ideas or to try something new.

Even if you’re just an entry level employee, you are still part of the workforce. Be confident in your own ability to bring new and unique ideas to the table because they might be what management is actually looking for.


3. Enhance your networking skills.

Study the way other professionals present themselves not only in person, but online as well. Come up with a professional profile on LinkedIn, gain connections using social media, or you may even start your own blog. Make sure you also attend professional networking events in your city as these are great opportunities to network with other professionals.


4. Do not hesitate to ask why.

As you gain experience in the workforce, you should be ready and willing to learn more by asking why. It’s very important that you get a better understanding of how processes work in the company you’re working for because you may use this knowledge in the future if you are to run your own business eventually.


5. Have initiative.

If the final goal of your career planning is to hold a management position in the future, then you need to be known as a problem solver. Be observant at work and find out what problems your job has and look for a solution. Don’t be afraid to approach your manager to present your solutions because this will help make you a valuable employee.