Charity Christmas Cards: Top 6 Tips For Success

Young smiling woman sitting at desk at home and holding a red envelope with Christmas wishes, holidays and celebrations concept

Helping the charity would always provide plenty of benefits for everyone. Apart from helping someone in need, you’re also making yourself feel better as you know you were able to make someone’s life happier and more comfortable. While there are plenty of ways that you can help the charity, going for a Christmas card would be a great direction.   

A charity Christmas card aims to donate a certain percentage or all of its profits to charity. As the Holidays are approaching, sending Christmas cards to your loved ones is getting more popular. You can browse their site or other similar establishments and see how to do the process and which charities they donate to. As it interests you, you might want to consider doing one on your own, so you can help lift the Christmas spirits in your little ways. With that, listed below are some tips for success:   


1. Plan Ahead 

A successful project is usually achievable if you start planning ahead as early as possible. It allows you to see room for growth and improvement, which you can address immediately before your launch date. Since the holidays are one of the busiest times of the year, you might not have enough time to alter your designs, productions, and prices as time passes quickly, which could immediately affect your sales. With that, you should start your planning as early as possible.   

Preferably, you should begin your charity Christmas card planning as early as January. It allows you to look for artists or design one on your own. And it should also give you enough time to search for a good production company that can help to provide you with high-quality Christmas cards. The earlier you book, the less stress and more wiggle room you’ll have.   


2. Choose The Right Design 

Since you’re making Christmas cards, it’ll only be ideal if you could pick the right design that perfectly matches the theme. This way, you can guarantee your sales and not put any of your efforts to waste. Ideally, you should prepare at least eight designs that your audience can choose from. It would also be a great idea to allow them to customize the card.  

When designing your Christmas cards, look for ones currently in trend. Incorporating animals and the environment are popular choices, and adding them to your design list allows you to give a safe option for your designs. Moreover, you can also use natural scenery and add a holiday spirit to them by adding snow, lights, and anything that boosts the holiday spirit.   


3. When To Release Your Products 

Knowing when to release your Christmas cards can help attract more customers to buy your product. And releasing it too early might cause you to lose your potential customers as they forget who you are when the time comes, and releasing them too late might not attract many people as they’ve already sent them to their loved ones.   

The best time to release your products to the market is around August. As September approaches, it already hints that Christmas is approaching. To help them save from the hassle of Christmas shopping, some choose to shop as early as August to avoid the rush. As September comes into play, you can expect your business to get busier, gathering plenty of sales.   


4. Promote Your Product Effectively 

Even if your profits are heading to charity, you should still promote your products to gather as many sales as possible. The more sales you convert, the more money you can donate to charity, boosting the Christmas spirit.   

As you promote your product, emphasize how you plan to put all your profits or a percentage of your earnings to charity. It should help encourage people to buy from your cards as they’d like to help people as much as possible.   


5. Consider Online Cards 

While sending physical cards are more heartfelt and personalised, selling online cards can make things more convenient and profitable. Since you won’t be sending any physical copies and worry about its production, you can earn more money to donate to charity. It’ll be a great way to make more while maintaining a good holiday spirit.   

Alternatively, you might consider offering them both physical and online copies. They can choose which type of card they’d like to have and pay accordingly. Thus, ensure that you adjust your prices for online and physical cards, as you also need to consider the shipping prices.   


6. Be Transparent With Your Figures 

People are now more aware of what a charity Christmas card offers. While some companies might say that they donate to charity, they might only offer a small percentage of their sales, which might not be too large. However, if you’re planning to donate all of your profits, you should emphasize that on your business and let people know about your pure intention.  

People would prefer to purchase a charity Christmas card that truly aims to help the charity and not just use them to make a profit out of it. This way, you can live the true holiday spirit and help someone in need.   



Selling charity Christmas cards can be tricky as there are plenty of things that you should keep in mind. As you plan early, pick the right design, and promote your cards well, you should allow yourself to earn as many profits as possible, which you’ll directly donate to charity. With all your efforts into the card, knowing that it’ll lead to something good would be worth it.