Communicate The Sales Success Triangle

Developing Client Loyalty

Pressure on new salespeople mounts the moment they first enter the office and receive their quota. Newly hired representatives focus on the time crunch between training, learning, and producing sales.  It’s easy to picture the stress heightening, while the thought of the sales success triangle quickly fades away.


The salesperson, client(s), and service are the three touch-points for the sales success triangle. The bonus is in the sprinkles of compassion promoting a team effort that increase sales success.


Most new hires believe they own the sale.  However, over time, some find the belief to be incorrect.  No one solely owns the sale.  The better approach is to view the sales cycle process as a team effort. 

Improving an outcome and success rate begins with first focusing on the client.  The purpose is to uncover all of the issues at hand.  The in-depth understanding upfront enables a more robust solution.  When the extra effort is seen by the prospective client, credibility, and trust build to the extent, a sale is about to lift off. 

The third point of the sales success triangle is in the delivery of customer service.  We are to communicate how we uniquely deliver service. Honesty, sincerity, and empathy in displaying that we want to help increases interest the first time around. After the sale, and upon providing service, according to our words earns us a loyal clientele. 


Stories deliver an illustration of how the ideas you can put into action. 

My fond memory is of networked printers being introduced.  Similar to mainframe computers of long ago, the printers were enormous and took up large amounts of space. The entire sales team could only accommodate a few clients.

Management took it upon themselves to put out a special bonus offer to the team to motivate us to do better.  We were to supply the names of candidates we believed to be in a position to purchase and accommodate the machinery.  I entered one name, confident they would buy. 

On the back end, my third point of the triangle was dealing with the inequities of pay.  I chose 100% commission because a base pay was laughable if not insulting.  Equally unfortunate was the low income the technicians received. Yet, we all depended upon them to keep the equipment up and running.  Excelling advice had me providing a percentage of my commission to the technician assigned to my account. 

The technician and I were loyal to each other and the client.  And clients became loyal to us.


A technician was assigned to my account and paid a visit.  Disappointed, he returned to the office to exclaim there is no way the equipment will fit in the designated room. My manager reprimanded me saying I should have known better and not have wasted everyone’s time. 


I began to laugh, while declaring:

‘For the equipment to fit; they will find a way!  For us, they might rebuild the walls!’ 

The manager had no clue what to do, so he decided not to talk to me until the calamity ended. 

From my perspective, the sales success triangle was in perfect order:

  • The client liked and trusted me
  • The technician was at their service
  • The executives had the desire to purchase the new equipment.

My prediction came true.  The walls were rearranged to accommodate the networked printer.  Management was in disbelief.  It went to prove the theory that if you have your sales success triangle in good order, the goodwill follows.  A generous bonus was mine, and the technician was very pleased with his cut. We proved once again that we deliver excellence in equipment and service, and the best part of the sealed deal was the continuing client loyalty.


Sales Success Triangle Summery

Whichever business model is yours, focus on the all-around client experience, deliver on promises, including excellence in service, and become the go-to person for future orders.

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Your Sales Success Triangle

In our chaotic world with more people working from home, and more unemployed, compassion is to be on a higher level.  Although you may be stressed, it is likely you know of some in a worse situation. For example, if you previously had a housekeeper or a nanny help out in your home, but they are now unable to visit, consider paying them until they can.  By the time the isolation is lifted, their appreciation for the gesture will turn into loyalty and better than ever service.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an executive, or on a sales team, community spirit is of the essence more than ever.  Consider new ideas for bring goodwill to your team of people.

Acknowledging others and giving appreciation boost the team spirit and loyalty.  Equally important, you encourage new collaborative ideas and opportunities.  As you model the sales success triangle, you will experience The Smooth Sale!