Create an Inspiring Workspace

Creating an inspiring workspace is about creating a space for yourself. For yourself! You will be prioritizing your needs and putting yourself first. Create a magical place that brings out your inner artist and speaks to your core, or a calm place that helps you to calculate numbers and access your inner accountant, or both. Whatever you need, just create it. It is so important to accomplishing your goals and getting your work done.  

Even if you don’t have a lot of room available to you, it can still be done. It can be a corner of your bedroom or living room, if you don’t have a separate room for a home office. You can choose a nook or a cranny and post up inspirational items to do with your projects, your career/business, your goals and values.

It can even be as simple as buying a plastic bin with a lid (or a laundry basket) and storing your laptop and books in there, along with some office supplies and then bringing it out and using your dining table for your work when your kids are asleep, if you have children. But either way, you need the space, or the laundry basket. That way you are not scattered all over the place, wasting precious time looking for items.

If you are able to, add in a touch of nature like a plant or maybe you are even able to locate your inspiring workspace near a window with natural light. A beeswax candle, which can also be used for meditation, or a photo of a loved one, an inspiring place or quote, are also added touches that can turn your chosen location into a workspace that motivates you.

The most important thing is that the space is inspiring to you and works for you. Some people are not able to work in the same place as they sleep as they find that they have trouble sleeping at night. Figure out your own needs and priorities and work with the space at hand. Finally, enjoy your inspiring workspace and may you have many productive and joyful moments there. 


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