Do You Follow Your Best Policy?

'Trust Is The Soul Of All We Do'

Do You Follow Your Best Policy?

Your bottom line and career depend upon your best policy. The one procedure, where you can never go wrong, is being consistently honest. Even better is to advocate what you believe to be true.An extra factor is to take time to listen to opposing thoughts. By asking questions, we come to an understanding of why others do not agree with us. Revising and expanding upon our thinking opens new doors. And we improve our negotiation skills with practice.The new knowledge helps us refine our messaging. And when we value the opinions and ideas of others, our perspective grows.

Accordingly, we see growth in our audience, our brand recognition, and, ultimately, our bottom-line.Stepping into a highly regarded leadership position requires:

HonestyKeeping promises

Follow-through and Follow-up.The lack of equal pay and equal voice eventually become a sinkhole. For corporations, the inequality drives the revolving door syndrome. The symptoms include the cost of hiring, training, quitting, and the need to re-hire. All of this poorly affects the bottom-line.Job seekers are to inquire about corporate practices before accepting a position. Equally important is to learn how to communicate the value of improving a situation, and negotiate well. Entrepreneurs will do well to collaborate with like-minded counterparts to expand their knowledge and reach.

The Misleading Offer

A recent offer increased my motivation to make a more significant difference this year. I was asked to be a ‘guest’ on a recognized show. The offer sounded exciting until I reviewed all of the details. Just like sales, questions popped up as I began to uncover inconsistencies. Contradictions are prevalent. Researching the host’s work confirms his lack of consistency.

What does ‘guest’ mean to him versus the rest of us? Again, males and females appear to have different ideas. If you are a guest in my home, I provide a warm welcome and often provide a meal along with an energized conversation. I do not charge for any of the above.Why would an offer to be ‘a guest’ include a fee of many thousands of dollars? The disguised guest offer primarily applies to a male CEO of a corporation. The host is, in actuality, seeking wealthy paying clients most or all of whom are men. His offer is dishonest.For me, the fee request brought up the perpetual sinkhole of inequality of pay in the job market.

The effect of low pay and low self-esteem can last a lifetime – unless we combine forces for changing the system. I was at the bottom of the barrel on my first sales job but refused to give up.Over the years, corporate did not change, but I did. I’m not a financier, but I can say with certainty, trickle-down economics does not work well when it comes to substandard pay for women. Personal development grew into advocacy. My added mission for 2020 is to collaborate with those I admire. Our goal is to mentor younger females so they may rise in stature as they desire.


Your Story:

Are You Consistently Honest?You may have built a remarkable social network or company. Others may feel excited to receive your invitation to collaborate and possibly appear on your site. But, excitement can quickly fade once research and more thought goes into your current offer. Before extending an offer to a prospect, examine what you are trying to achieve.


Are You Ready To:

  • Update procedures and daily habits
  • Give more support to others so they may achieve their goals
  • Become an advocate for what you believe?
  • More Questions:When you see inconsistencies, do you speak up or take action
  • Is your communication effective
  • Are you consistently noticed for your efforts, or will help be beneficial?


Final Thoughts

Our world is undergoing significant change. How will you remain relevant, and your business in demand? And how can you help future generations? We each have one life to live. Admit what you need to learn and strive to help those following in your path. Begin living your legacy today.May you always enjoy the Smooth Sale!