Do You Want Sales Secrets?

Most people who are new to sales believe that if they take the trainer’s advice to heart, they will be among those who sell best. However, one quickly realizes that sales are a large puzzle comprised of many small pieces in need of fitting together.


My Story About Finding Sales Secrets
There are two opposing approaches to sales. The first approach is to focus on learning everything there is to know about what you are selling to make the sale.
The second approach is to have a broader goal in mind such as taking the time to develop a returning and referring clientele.


Advantages of this approach include:
 A loyal client base
 Receipt of referrals
 A full sales funnel alleviating stress


You may think that the first approach is mandatory before one can begin working on the larger plan. It is helpful to know as much as possible. But one problem exists. When people take the approach of solely learning, they transform the facts into non-stop talking. They bore their prospective clients to no end and no return appointment.


The lyrics of an old song from the play, The King and I, reveal the best sales strategy. “Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…hoping you like me.” We all hope that prospective clients will like us and that we will like them.  Conducting personally professional conversations directed at learning about a prospect’s interests sells best.


It’s safe to say that almost everyone will pay attention when interest arrives their way. The give and take of story sharing and genuine interest earn more sales than memorized facts.

Your Story per Sales Secrets
Undoubtedly you periodically question your sales ability. Everyone wants to do better. And with pressure from management, the stress is sometimes difficult to bear. The best remedy is to review all of your habits, practices, and procedures from the first point of contact all the ways through to delivering what you promise to clients.

 Do your research ahead of time
 Sound knowledgeable about their industry and competitors
 Attempt to get to know them personally and professionally
 Ask discovery style questions about their business
 Politely listen to complaints and strive to resolve them
 Communicate equally instead of monopolizing the conversation
 Follow through on all promises on time?


Beware that most salespeople fail on the follow-up. They do not connect in a timely fashion. Promises are left behind. Even worse is when sales reps take the money and run.

All of the above goes to eliminating credibility and trust. Selling best requires setting goals to establish credibility and trust upfront. Only then can you earn the first sale and many more to follow.

Ask prospects why they are seeking a new vendor and what will help you stand out from the crowd. Inquire of clients what they like best about working with you and what you might do to improve. The answers to the questions help build a better path for working together.
Sales Tips About Selling Secrets
1. Thank people for taking the time to meet
2. Lead the conversation by asking what caught the person’s attention to invite you to the meeting
3. Answer questions that catch you off guard with a question of ‘why are you asking?’ so that you can target the answer accurately
4. Observe your surroundings such as pictures for possible friendly questions

5. Pay attention to the body language, facial expressions, and vocabulary of your prospect
6. Should any of the person’s habits suddenly change, stop to ask if they have a question
7. Promptly answer all questions directed at you with open transparency
8. Ask for your prospect’s protocol for making a vendor decision
9. At the end of each meeting, ask for additional questions and confirm follow-up steps
10. Celebrate Success!

These tips are provided to help you achieve The Smooth Sale!