Do You Want to Move from Stress to Revision?

Attract The Right Job Or Clientele: 

There is little doubt that many want to move from stress to revision in today’s environment. The news speaks of a mass exodus from jobs, the lack of desire to one day return to a commute for work, and the uncertainty of income or the economy. But the worst part is the growing tally of people affected by the Coronavirus and its variants in various ways.  

Being independent of an employer sounds glorious until one realizes the responsibilities at hand. Staying on top of the forever new technology, marketing, and branding strategies and keeping up with clientele for additional sales brings the reality of our need to move from stress to revision.

My Story

A reasonably new study about the behaviors of a segment of our population encourages reflection and meditation at least once per day, if not twice. Over the years, I’ve learned that the practice helps calm the mind and clarifies what may come next. It’s not just about hopeful wishes but also creating a plan to make the new visions a possibility as they arise.  

Contributing Success Factors:

  • Meditating on what one desires
  • Evaluating the reality of our vision
  • Revision of the efforts we have in place, including habits
  • Creating a new plan
  • Prioritization of projects and tasks
  • Adhering to a realistic deadline for implementation

Business practices are at the helm of the above list of tasks. However, a creative side also helps us move from stress to revision. Creative projects, being in nature, and exercise can contribute to free-flowing thoughts that may frequently redirect our thinking about our current projects already in place. 

As I participate in an outside activity, I find that individuals come to mind who may already have the experience I seek or who may want to participate in something new. Additional ideas for adding to the new project will arise, as will realizations for what to omit. Errors are always a part of the effort, but they never hold me back. The better approach is to recognize how to improve and be thankful for the misstep to move forward in a better direction.

Complementing the idea of moving forward is to keep a watchful eye on the news, the postings online and listen to the insights of others. We have a robust library at our fingertips today, and by making practical use of it, we can lift our spirits more quickly as we begin to move from stress to revision. Altogether and collaboratively, we can create a better program for ourselves and others with greater ease.

By realizing our next steps, we can feel energy increase and new ideas to make it happen to abound. Accordingly, the likelihood of our remaining on top of our game is greater, and perhaps not all, but some of the extra layers of stress will begin to fade away as we focus on what we now want to achieve.

The last point of consideration is to potentially take on collaborative partners who share the same ideals and principles. We can also commit to an organization that mirrors the same. When we add in a specific community that may benefit from our new plan and work in conjunction with others, the process contributes to lifting the anxiety and bringing us to a happier place of being. Continuing the practice of meditation can bring achievements we never before anticipated.

Your Story: Do You Want to Move from Stress to Revision?

Work, responsibility for growing business, helping with family needs, and seasonal holidays contribute extra stress that necessitates finding a way to overcome pressure. It’s best to create a plan to move from stress to revision. Otherwise, not paying attention to resolve issues will continue adding to your burden. 

Remember that your well-being counts, too. Although you may be in charge of taking care of another or several, it’s essential to also take care of yourself. If you don’t have the extra time during the day to meditate, take a few minutes before drifting off to sleep to focus on what may lighten your burden or at least lift your spirits. 

Make it a daily or nightly routine to review what you can eliminate and what you might add to your daily routine for greater productivity and more smiles. As ideas come forth, create lists to remember the possibilities and act upon the more appealing.

Getting into the practice of focusing on what you desire may see a long list develop for possibilities. It then becomes time to prioritize the list. Ensure what you want makes sense and is practical, plus it won’t be a burden on your budget. The next step is to decide whether you will approach the new plan alone or seek collaborative partners. Should you decide on the latter, make sure you know the people well and share the same ethical standards, priorities, and values.

Much has been written recently about ’emotional intelligence.’ Clients want to hear, see, and feel your energy to maintain faith in your abilities, plus they want to know that you care. Firming up your plan with the latter in mind, you will earn a returning and referring clientele that contributes to your move from stress to revision. The practice of continually revising your plan at hand and envisioning something more exciting will keep you going for a long time with energy high.

Sales Tips: Do You Want to Move from Stress to Revision?

    1. Pinpoint the leading cause for concern.
    2. Create a list of the areas relating to the concern that create stress.
    3. Consider the best possible scenario for eliminating the worry.
    4. Establish a flexible plan for overcoming what is holding you back.
    5. Prioritize your first steps to fix.
    6. Methodically review the initial issue and the fix to ensure it is working.
    7. Commit to a daily review of what you may improve to sleep better at night.
    8. Adapt the practice of doing the opposite such as puzzles.
    9. Monitor improvement and how you may apply the same to business growth.
    10. Celebrate Success!