Do You Want To Stay Confident All Day?

Do you ever start your day intending to be confident and move your life forward?  But then ‘life happens’ and you get caught up and reactive.

Here are 6 things confident people tell themselves in the morning, to have all day confidence.

  1. “I will act to fulfill my purpose today”  Focus on how you want to impact others’ lives today.  Then determine:  what are the qualities and attributes of who YOU need to be in order to achieve those results?  Make that the filter which determines how YOU act.  Have a clear visual of who You want to be and make all 60,000 of your thoughts today in the service of showing up as that person.  Be so filled with a sense of purpose that you have no room in your head for what other people think of you. Your sense of purpose will help you over the many little interferences and hardships of the day.
  1. “I accept others’ level of evolution and work on my own”– When other people are rude to you, be the one to take the higher ground.  Their rudeness comes from their own limitations and says more about them then it says about you.  You only get angry at other people because they are not as evolved as you hope they would be, and they disappoint you.  If their limitations interfere with the results that you want, find away around them to bring your value.  Their limitations will only bring negativity into your space if you allow it to linger there.
  1. “I take in others’ appreciation” If you are a perfectionist or a pleaser, then you put a lot of energy into managing how other people will evaluate you.  You do an amazing job and then other people compliment you.  BUT because you don’t fully believe it yourself, you shrug off their compliments!  You work so hard to gain others’ recognition but then you don’t take it in. Then you feel you have to go out and earn their recognition again.  Instead,  say ‘thank you’. Instead of looking at the gap where you think you fall short, enjoy the results of your efforts.  Find a place inside where you can appreciate yourself, so their recognition of you has someplace inside to stick to.
  1. “I create my own weather” – You can create the weather around you.  As a leader or a provider of services, you create the weather on your team and in the people you interact with at the office.  You can light up or darken any room.  Of all the 16 leadership competencies, Inspirational Leadership is the one that gets the most engagement and productivity from others.  So, inspire Yourself with your self talk so you can inspire others!
  1. “I trust myself” – Have you ever noticed where that little voice of intuition lives in your body?  Is it a feeling in your gut, a knowing in your heart, or a ‘voice inside your head?’ Remind yourself to listen to that voice.  Not sure if you can trust your intuition?  Then start to keep an Intuition Log. Keep a record of times that you trusted – or didn’t trust – your intuition and see how situations worked out.  Then you’ll have an empirical database showing you whether it was right to trust your judgment.
  2.  “I surround myself with mentors and abundant thinkers” Go to meetings and conferences where you will be surrounded by abundant thinkers – people who only have lenses to see possibility, and will propel you to your next level.

 Here’s to your all day confidence!