Factors to Consider When Weighing Your Job Offers

Things you need to know before accepting a job offer

After some time of sending numerous job applications and having attended a couple of interview invitations, you can now say your job search is over. What you have to focus on now are the job offers before you. So which one should you accept and which one you’d better decline? Needless to say, all job offers will have their advantages and disadvantages. Thus, it is crucial that you weigh your options really well before you pick one.


The following are the important factors you need to consider before accepting a job offer:

Salary/Benefits: If you think salary is an important factor for you, decide what salary will be commensurate with your experience and skills. Of course, you need to look at which company will give you a chance to earn more in the future.

When weighing various options, think of the entire package. Perhaps one company offers a lower starting salary but a much better package of benefits, like private healthcare, company car, and so on. Understand that a good benefits package can add value to your basic salary for almost 40 percent.

It is equally important that you know the kind of work you’ll be doing in a company that offers higher basic pay. There is no point in getting a high paying job that will leave you miserable.


Location of the Company: If you are offered a job that will require you to relocate, you must take into account how this will affect your family, too. Otherwise, your concern will be the distance between your home and your future workplace. You have to visualize what it will be like for you to travel a couple of hours a day to work. Also, traveling will have cost implications as well that you need to think about.


Company Reputation: If you are a newcomer in the workforce, you would want to belong to a highly reputable company or organization. This will have numerous benefits to you in terms of the experience you will acquire and the credibility it will add to your resume. But of course, you can’t expect to get noticed that easily in a huge and competitive company. Nevertheless, working with the best minds will teach you a thing or two about how you could become an expert in your field.


Room for Career Advancement: It is true that many workers keep changing jobs because they don’t think their current or previous jobs can offer them opportunities to grow professionally. More than a good salary, you should be concerned about how you can develop your own potential to be good in your position and in your industry. Many companies are now offering mentoring programs to their employees, which is considered as an effective tool for attracting and retaining quality employees.