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For most first-year students, a university is a step into a new independent life. New students will find many interesting and unexpected events.

However, the problem for many is finding a common language with their fellow students, because it is sometimes so difficult to cope with new acquaintances. Consider the main points of the burning question “how to make friends with classmates.”


Tips on Making Friends at College and Get Good Grades

  1. Arriving for the first time in a new group, try to carefully study each of your fellow students. People, being in a new environment, do not hide their true character. Therefore, in such an environment, it is easiest to identify close ones in spirit. Try to get closer to people with common interests so that there is something to talk with them about.
  2. Be easier to communicate and do not try to make yourself cool. At some point, you will get tired of your new mask, and it will be too difficult to build relationships with people who suddenly recognize your real “I”. There are also people at the university who behave differently in various settings. Therefore, you should prepare for the similar behavior of your new friends.
  3. A sense of humor is an integral part of your success in the team. It is unlikely that someone will want to communicate with a sullen person who spoils the mood with his appearance.
  4. Be open to new acquaintances, friendly and willing to offer your help. Thus, you can earn trust in the team and get a good reputation. Offer them to get some help from a trusted ‘write my paper’ service and go to the pub after getting excellent marks altogether.
  5. Do not lose hope even if you cannot find a common language with the people you are interested in. After all, making friends with classmates is actually a simple task, at least it is easier than inviting someone for a romantic date.
  6. Ask questions. The easiest way to get to know a person is to ask him a question. Take advantage of one big common theme that connects us all – summer. Ask your friends how they spent the summer, what places they visited, what they learned, what books they read.
  7. Listen carefully to the person, do not interrupt him. When a classmate finishes speaking, be sure to tell a little about yourself.
  8. If you feel that the person does not want to talk about it, change the subject and do not insist on your own.
  9. Say good words. Smile, compliment. Be sincere, honest. Remember the golden rule of morality – address others the way you want to appeal to yourself.
  10. Respect is very important in communication and relationships with people. If a person does not want to speak with you or answer a question, does not want to go to a movie or a museum with you, respect the law. You need to respect yourself, your choice, tastes, and desires.
  11. Do not say what you regret. Refrain from disputes if you are not sure of your innocence. If you are sure that you are right, then it is worth being guided by reason, not emotions. Do not say something you can regret. Do not say something offensive, do not get personal. In the dispute, the main role is played by arguments, not personal preferences.


The most important thing is not to lose confidence in yourself, not to become isolated and to wish to make new acquaintances.

For some reason, many freshmen believe that in order to achieve success in school it is not necessary to get close to any of the fellow students. And in this, they are deeply mistaken. A large amount of necessary information at the university is transmitted from person to person. Therefore, it is still worth making friends with at least part of the group to always be in the know.

Are you still asking how to make friends with classmates? The answer is simple: you need to be yourself. Failures can overtake everyone, but one thing to remember. Do not be shy, do not lock yourself in, show goodwill and tolerance for others – and people will reach for you.


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