Good Reasons You Should Hire College Interns

Why college interns?

Being an entrepreneur, it is very unlikely that you ever wake up feeling like you need some 19 year old staff to help grow your business. College interns actually don’t get the attention and interest of many businessmen, but if you just give a closer look at what they could potentially do, you may just change your mind. While college interns may not have the skills and experience that you think you need from a staff, there are several good reasons you should consider working for them, too. Here are some of them:

College students are energetic and very enthusiastic. One of the first things you’ll like about interns is their eagerness to learn. This is why they are just so enthusiastic about the chance to work in an organization to apply what they have learned in school, and to learn more from the experts. They are young, but their goal is to prove their worth. These attributes of interns greatly contribute to the culture within the organization, which is certainly beneficial to any business.


Interns aren’t expensive. College interns don’t require employers to offer them employment benefits, and they would appreciate even the smallest rates you offer them. Considering the fact that the overhead costs that come with hiring interns aren’t much, lower risks are involved too. Especially if you are a start-up business, you would really appreciate the inexpensiveness of interns.


Their ideas are fresh and unique. Young people tend to be naïve and idealistic. For business people, these traits are what they need from their staff in order for them to come up with great business ideas. You can even have these students participate in company meetings and ask for their opinions on certain matters. Of course there will be flaws in their ideas because they lack experience and technical skills. But if you let them work together with your senior staff, the results can be great and positive for your business.


Interns can be your future full-time employee. Hiring the right people is one of the biggest challenges any business owner has to face. Although there are so many job seekers out there to choose from, the process of hiring people isn’t made easier by this fact. Also, recruiting new employees can be costly for companies. But if recruitment is done by way of choosing among the interns who have worked part-time for your business, things can get a lot easier. It is also an advantage that your intern will have become familiar with what you do, which means you won’t have to provide them with a lot of training for their job. Their loyalty will be yours, too, because given a chance, interns would rather build their career pathways with employers who give them the opportunity to enhance their skills and grow as professionals.

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