Hobbies That Can Boost Your Employeability

Interests and hobbies may increase your chances of landing a job

It’s no secret that organizations and businesses now are placing more importance on hiring for cultural fit as a way of gaining more high performing candidates. According to studies, employers are now using the interests and hobbies of candidates as an important indicator of personality and cultural fit. As a matter of fact, many employers believe that a person’s interests and hobbies can be as vital as experience and qualifications when picking an applicant for a particular role.

As a job searcher, this means that you’d want to develop a hobby that will make you more interesting or attractive to future employers. Below you will find different types of hobbies and the strengths that they showcase.

a. Sports

Certain endurance sports like cycling, running, and swimming may suggest that a person has perseverance, tenacity, and even a strong drive. These are desirable qualities that employers are looking for especially in the fields of business development or sales.

b. Extreme and High-Risk Activities

Activities like mountain bike racing, mountain climbing, as well as sky-diving could show that a person is willing to take calculated risks and defy boundaries. These are important strengths for those who are looking to take on leadership roles.

c. Creativity Activities

There are hobbies you can do that can help enhance your creativity, such as painting, cooking, and even photography. These hobbies also suggest that a person has a really creative mind. These hobbies can make you more attractive to employers, especially in the industries of PR, marketing, design, and so on.

d. Group Sports

Team sports such as dodgeball, hockey, softball, and football may show that you have the ability to work well with a team and to work in pursuit of a team goal. This quality is desirable in almost any industry, but it could be even more useful in workplaces that are team-based.

e. Mind Games

If you are interested in games like backgammon, chess, or sudoku, this could mean that you have the ability to think strategically. This is an excellent trait that employers are looking for in applicants for jobs that require strategy formulation and policy development.

f. Creative Writing

Those who are interested in creative writing (short stories, poetry, or blogs) can be considered ideal for roles like editor and writer. This skill is necessary for public relations positions and editorial jobs.

g. Community Activities

Those individuals who always find time to join community events or activities are likely to be very comfortable collaborating and working with other people. If you like working with a group, you may well be considered for managerial roles.


Of course you can’t force yourself to form a hobby that you don’t enjoy just because you want to be qualified for a certain job. What you should do is use this article as a guide when you choose a career to pursue. Life coaching experts always remind people about the importance of choosing a career or job that suits their personality, as this will increase your chances of being successful.