How Do You Groom Your New Connections?

Image by John Hain from Pixabay
Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Attract the Right Job Or Clientele:
It appears that new opportunities are opening up once again while the business question becomes, how do you groom your new connections? The question is one to seriously consider as it may provoke new ideas for building our audience.

It feels as if momentum is picking up online in various ways. 

However, activity is meaningless unless we have a plan for incorporating it into a more robust outcome.  The examples in mind are beyond the requests to connect and then sell to you.  It’s about finding common ground, a joint mission, and potentially finding ways to help one another grow. 

My Story
For a long while, during the pandemic, it appeared that not much was happening.  Activity has picked up on the social sites where I am most active.  The requests to connect on LinkedIn are increasing, as is the action on Twitter. On the one hand, social media can be time-consuming, but on the other, it can be an excellent source for business development and branding. Ultimately, the two grow into additional sales.

Before I make a request or someone else initiates one, I review their profiles and the focus of their work.  I attempt to find similarities between their endeavors and mine.  Should it appear we have common interests or goals, I ask if the person might like to have a conversation.    Similarly, those who offer the same invitation to me, I readily accept.  As the discussion takes root, new ideas come about that most often would not, otherwise, come to mind.

Recently, three new business opportunities came about via social media. Collectively, they will exponentially increase the visibility of my work.  It all goes back to building relationships and finding common ground to move forward together.  Moreover, it’s about reciprocity striving to help one another. And it’s also about keeping one another in mind as new opportunities arise that may be of interest to the other party. 

‘When you groom your new connections, you develop a private goldmine.

We are to keep in mind that one tiny step moves toward the next and the next.  One day as we look back, we realize the importance of our connections and why we treat them with respect and care.  For example, upon applying my marketing and branding effort, I can relay that almost a dozen sites, both domestic and overseas, publish my articles.  The reach is extensive, and I would never be able to come close to the number on my own.  The importance of the reach is that it multiples in number, bringing about more opportunities that would not otherwise occur. 

Reciprocity is an underlying element of the arrangements as it encourages additional possibilities both ways.  The sales philosophy is to work toward a win-win whereby everyone sees a gain. When you groom your new connections, the win-win is likely to motivate future exponential growth.

Your Story:  How Do You Groom Your New Connections? 
Many people take a shortcut in the hopes of gaining business quickly. 
Eliminating proper steps, such as understanding the people you meet to build the relationship, typically ends poorly; there is nothing to gain on either side. Adding value in all that we do is why we are to reflect on how do you groom your new connections?

Consider the following questions:
– As new possibilities arise, do you invite others to join you?
– Do you share the work of others upon seeing it and without being asked?
– Are you one to freely make appropriate introductions?
– Do you participate in a group that shares ideas?
– Do you actively provide community support?
– Are you working with people located both domestically and abroad?
– Are you accepting of varying ideas as long as they align with your principles?

There is an extra step in connecting with someone online that most people overlook.  If you admire a person, review the list of the people with whom they connect with the possibility of reaching out to some. Upon making this a daily habit, likely, your connections will substantially grow.  And accordingly, new introductions and possibilities will dramatically increase.

Now imagine all of the above by working with individuals. Compare the outcome if you are to join a community that can benefit from your expertise. Aiding a community is the point where you can initially build your reputation and gradually work your way into leadership. Even better is to help others do a similar type of work. By working to benefit a global community, the possibilities grow in scope and size. Upon being asked, you will easily be able to share how you groom your new connections.

Sales Tips:  How Do You Groom Your New Connections?
1. Prioritize what you want to accomplish.
2. Create a plan with goals and acceptable deadlines.
3. Seek out others with similar interests.
4. Enjoy insightful conversations that can help all parties grow.
5. After the conversation, weigh the pros and cons; any questions, ask for a follow-up conversation.
6. Negotiate how the new venture will proceed for consistency and increasing the odds for success.
7. Regularly promote the work of one another to remain in the public eye.
8. Consider complementary products and services for moving the program further along.
9. Remain in touch with one another to continue the momentum.
10. Celebrate Success!