How Do You Influence Buyers?

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Attract the Right Job Or Clientele:
After the long haul of learning how to sell, the need to understand how you influence buyers was next in line. It took a while to grasp that influence is an essential part of the equation. And just like successful selling, influence has nothing to do with being manipulative. I was relieved to know the better strategies for the two disciplines complement one another.

My Story
Sales First
In my sales career, I realized that people do not solely purchase the product or service we represent. The entire process begins with each of us. How we present ourselves comes first. The elements prospective clients seek are:
– Professional on every level
– Trustworthy
– Curious about the client’s work and their goals
– Confirmation of what we hear and offering appropriate suggestions
– Ability to connect the dots between client needs and services at hand
– Gain agreement without strong-arming the client
– Deliver services as the client described and as we promised

When we adhere to the above qualifiers, more sales become ours on multiple levels. Word of mouth spreads virally. It almost puts to rest any concern about maintaining a full sales opportunity pipeline. This is the beginning phase for how we influence buyers.

Influence Second
After becoming comfortable with selling, the next level is contributing to communities that need our talent and like our style. It took a long time for me to recognize that being competitive all the time isn’t necessarily good. The differentiator is to share our insights with communities in need.  

For me, it became a matter of teaching job seekers how to sell themselves on interviews. Again, no manipulation enters the picture when selling oneself to acquire the job. Instead, we are to understand what the employer seeks so that we can appropriately present our skills and desire for learning.

And then, I graduated into sharing content on multiple platforms. To my surprise, the effort enjoys reciprocity by many. Continuing down this path, I have made great connections and enjoyed outstanding media coverage, although I never sought the notoriety.  When help comes first, we begin to influence buyers.

Joining the right organization takes scrutiny and practice. Most of all, we are to recognize that the principles, goals, and actions taken will represent us when we join. It’s essential to do our research to be sure we are in good company. Before joining, it is wise to consider the following:
1. What is the ultimate goal of the organization, and do I align with it?
2. If membership is a requirement, do I see the value?
3. What is the value-add upon agreeing to membership and potential participation?

Defining Value-Add:
Underlying a purchase, particularly a membership, one should easily see added benefits for joining. Examples may include:
– Article highlights
– Speaking opportunities
– Networking with thought leaders
– Surprise introductions
– Underlying partnerships

As one joins a membership organization and becomes an active participant, new opportunities begin to arise.  These are the value-add elements of membership.

“My secret to influence is doing what I enjoy and helping communities at large. 

Doing what I enjoy most continues to prove to be the better strategy for me. Both Kred and PeopleBrowser generously chose to showcase my work. To see the pages, visit: and

On the first page, you will find my insights on becoming an influencer and being involved with communities. On the second link, you will find my work and latest courses hosted by Joanne Weiland

Align With Communities Third

All of the above was created on my own and then speaking with organizations about my work. 

Recently, I joined two other organizations that devote their effort to diversity and inclusion. These entities are Inclusion Allies Coalition and Women’s Information Network.

Your Story: Do You Influence Buyers?
Periodically, most people feel stuck or wonder why they continue. Should this describe you, take time to reflect on all of your activities and essential connections. Consider if each is contributing effectively toward advancement. If not, review which ones are slowing you down to eliminate. Sometimes, the most effective approach is to stop a strategy or two. Over time, societal change dictates a new direction.

Next, consider which organizations may be thrilled to receive your insights. Qualify the better match. Begin with one to see if it is a good fit and worthy of your time. 

Should everything add up, consider joining a complementary community that may also benefit.

By freely offering your insights and making introductions, others begin to see you as a leader for good. 

Your influence will further build. You can then launch additional programs and potentially be on a committee or be on a Board of Directors. The options exponentially expand as you take control over your endeavors. You will influence buyers!

Sales Tips: How Do You Build Influence?

1. Listen more than you speak.
2. Ask questions to gain further insight.
3. Make inquiries instead of suggestions, such as, have you ever considered?
4. Volunteer help.
5. Volunteer insights to help communities.
6. Provide blogs and articles.
7. Showcase insights of others more advanced.
8. Offer introductions as they come to mind.
9. Promote others alongside yourself.
10. Celebrate Success!