How Local Businesses Can Attract Their Ideal Job Candidate 2021

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Life has been uncertain for local businesses across the country, and across the globe, in recent times. But with things opening up and social distancing measures being lifted, it is as essential as ever for local businesses to know how to recruit candidates and fill their vacancies. 

We have come up with a guide to how local businesses can try and attract the ideal candidate for a job opening in 2021. 

How to Advertise a Job in 2021
In the professional world of 2021, there are many different ways a local employer can advertise a job vacancy to candidates including:
– Job boards online
– Advertising on social media channels
– Paying a digital marketing agency to advertise their positions
– Physical job advertisements in public spaces
– Word-of-mouth

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Finding the Right Candidate for the Role

Small Businesses Should Know What They’re Looking Out for in Applicants
Firstly, for a local business to find the best candidate suitable for a role, they must make sure they are 100% sure about what the job requirements are and what exactly they are looking for in their ideal candidate. 

Some job requirements to make a candidate eligible to apply for a role with a local employer may include:
– Educational qualifications and certificates such as NVQs, BTECs, GCSEs, A-Levels, or an Undergraduate, Masters, or PhD degree from a university. 
– Professional qualifications 
– A minimum level of professional experience in a similar or the same role
– The right to work in the UK
– A national insurance number
– A driving license 
– Being over the age of 18
– Foreign Languages

Understand Your Target Audience 
Making sure small business understand the motivations of their ideal candidate and what they will be looking out for when searching for a job is important to forming a strategy on how to successfully target them. Your ideal candidate may be drawn in and attracted to the role based on perks and benefits that come with the job such as flexible working hours, a fun friendly workplace environment, a varied role, a clear opportunity for career progression, and so on.

Be Clear in Your Messaging
When advertising a job vacancy across various different channels, it is important that businesses keep their brand messaging consistent. If you are advertising as a social media agency, make sure your social media channels are regularly updated, easy to navigate, and standout and look fresh on the eye. 

After looking at a job advert, the candidate will look through your company’s website, social media pages, and any information about your company online. So, you must set the right tone for your brand across all channels online and keep it consistent. 

Write Your Job Adverts in a Way That is Tailored to Your Ideal Candidate 
Employers must write their job advertisements in a tone which aligns with the ideal candidate they are targeting. Making sure a job advert speaks in the language of your ideal candidate is important. If you’re advertising for a creative writer role, you may want to use some creative vocabulary in your job advertisement to keep it interesting and engage with your ideal candidate.

Thanks to the digital age and useful recruitment tools out there such as Applicant Tracking Systems, recruiting candidates for local businesses in 2021 should be more efficient than ever.