How To Activate Mentoring And Career Development When You Work From Home

A human resources executive argues that when leadership development is established across a virtual team, it can yield measurable results.


Activate virtual mentoring

Going forward, virtual mentoring is a key investment for companies to build talent capability. People want meaningful engagement even as they practice social distancing. We should continue learning from each other, regardless of the distance.


Communicate, clarify, and connect

My experience in building and managing remote teams taught me that it can be exciting, engaging, and somewhat challenging. It boils down to three essential components: communication, clarity, and connection. Teams are operating in uncharted territory, so leaders need to maintain an open dialogue around what’s happening and how the business is adjusting.


Energize employees

Making the sudden transition to a work from home model isn’t easy and can impact the employee experience. Provide opportunities for employees to bond and connect virtually, replacing the in-person interactions they had before. Kick off meetings by sharing positive news, success stories, or team recognition, just as you would if your colleagues were sitting with you. Look for opportunities to energize employees and increase knowledge sharing from virtual team huddles or having team members present on a topic during a call.