How to Find the Best Ideas to Make Remote Work Easier

Whether you’ve been leading remote teams for years, or you’ve been pushed into the deep end of remote leadership without much time to prepare, we imagine you’ve learned more than you could ever dream of over the last few months about leading remote teams.

Was “Zoom fatigue” even a thing before this mess? You’ve figured out the basics and how you’re ready for more. How do you tap into your team’s best ideas to make remote work easier?


How to Help Your Team Make Remote Work Easier

Over the last month, we’ve been working with teams all over the world to help them capture what they’re learning during this crisis.

What we’re finding is that when teams simply carve out a few minutes and …

(1) Ask: How can we make remote work easier?

(2) Give them a framework to vet their best ideas (see the video below)

(3) Respond with regard and do something with their ideas

they can easily generate GREAT ideas that improve both the employee and customer experience.

Some ideas generated so far include:

  • Eliminate that meeting and meet in smaller groups instead.
  • Create work schedule flexibility for working parents and caregivers.
  • Find ways to up the fun! (One of our clients even held a “prom.”)
  • Create new roles and job descriptions focused on shifting priorities.
  • Eliminate unnecessary work (and then got specific.)
  • Use breakout rooms for more intimate conversation.
  • Host a resiliency series to give people a chance to talk and exhale.
  • Shift our approach to mid-year reviews.


Introduce our I.D.E.A. Technique to Help Your Team Vet and Share Their Ideas