How To Manage Back To Work Anxiety

With all 50 states starting to reopen, following the easing of lockdown restrictions, many people are starting to plan their return to the workplace. However, the threat of coronavirus is still present, and, understandably, this return to business as usual is the cause of anxiety for a lot of Americans. Although these are worrying times, there are things you can do to make the transition back into the workplace easier for yourself.


Speak to your boss and colleagues

If you are feeling anxious, then talk to your boss about it. They should be able to reassure you on the measures that they have taken to ensure that you remain as safe as possible, even if coronavirus is still a threat. Talking about anxiety can be a great way to alleviate it. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your boss, then confide in a colleague if you can. Having someone there with you who knows what you are going through will help you to feel less alone.


Take time to organize your day

Take the time to plan out your tasks at the start of the day so that you don’t have to worry about planning as you go. Be sure not to plan too much, only as much as you can comfortably achieve. Try visualization; that is running through the tasks in your mind before you physically get to them. Picture how you would like to feel as you approach them, and more often than not, this is how you will feel when you get to them in real life.


Look after your body

Mental well being begins in the body. In the days approaching your return to work, be sure to:

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Take regular light exercise
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and not too much sugar
  • Drink enough water
  • Avoid too many caffeinated drinks and alcohol

However, this doesn’t guarantee that the feeling of anxiety you have will disappear. Try combining this with other methods, such as the following.


Try natural remedies

Natural remedies can be an effective way to dampen low-level anxiety. For example, some studies have shown that CBD alleviates some symptoms of anxiety, although it is important to know that it is not a cure for this. More research is needed to prove this conclusively. However, it could ease how you are feeling. Cope CBD is a GMP certified CBD provider who can provide more information on CBD if this is something that you think may help you.


Challenge negative thoughts

Anxiety takes its power from the negative thoughts that we ruminate on. Anxious thoughts are often black and white and overexaggerated. Challenging these thoughts is a proven and effective method of lessening anxiety. Try writing down your negative thoughts and re-framing them in a more realistic and positive light.

For example, if you think ‘I’m terrible at everything,’ write this down. Seeing it written down will help you to realize that this is a generalized and inaccurate statement. Then re-frame the thought so that it is accurate and helpful, and write that down, for example, ‘I am great at x, but I would like to improve at y.’ Not only is this a more positive thought, but you can use this thought to help with your personal development.


Plan a fun activity

Make sure you have something nice planned for after you have finished your first day back at work, perhaps your favorite meal, or a (socially distanced) walk with a friend. Having something to look forward to will help to maintain a better mood.


Seek professional help

If you are finding that your anxiety is unmanageable, then don’t hesitate to seek out professional support.