Incorporate Artificial Intelligence with Human Selling

Playing catch-up is never fun, but being out front in the lead is what makes all the difference and makes you future ready!

Our beliefs about combining artificial intelligence and human selling are in the beginning phase. The question is, are we willing to consider varying perspectives for a better conclusion?

On my first sales job, I was expected to sell copiers and fax machines. I knew nothing about the equipment and was nervous given my lack of technical understanding. My secret desire of taking the easy path was quickly tossed aside.

My new habit became keeping up with evolving times. Activity on Twitter now includes reading many of the available articles about Machine Learning, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence.

Essential Lessons for Human Selling
• Listen about 70% of the time
• Be precise in communication
• Question the unstated topics
• Always ask for clarification to avoid missteps
• Follow-up with precision

Robots can most likely implement the bullet points that include ‘precise’ and ‘precision.’ But recognizing what is missing from a conversation or providing related ideas require human thinking.

The differentiator for standing out from all others, including technology, is to add these additional factors into our delivery:
• Smile as much as possible
• Show empathy as people discuss their pain points
• Share intriguing personal stories
• Build professionally personal relationships

“Combining old-fashioned etiquette with new age technology is the savviest strategy of all.”


Combine Artificial Intelligence with Human Selling

You most likely have ideas about how artificial intelligence and human selling will interact. Some people believe the technology will eliminate many jobs. Others see the new method as a boost for improving performance and possibly society. The entrepreneurial spirit will figure out ways in which leveraging the technology can create new jobs and wealth.

In your spare time, consider these three questions:
1. Do you ever think about how robotics and artificial intelligence may change how we live and work?
2. If you are an entrepreneur or salesperson, do you wonder how to remain ahead of the curve?
3. If you are a job seeker, how will you explain your thought about how to combine artificial intelligence with human selling?

Your clientele will want to know how you plan to combine artificial intelligence with human selling. While the in-depth answers are the department’s responsibility, we will each need to become familiar with what is possible.


Top the Sales Scoreboard

Embrace the idea of using artificial intelligence with human selling. When you add the human element to business conversations, you distinguish yourself. Done well, you become seen as a unique welcome being. Showing empathy by listening and sharing ideas with prospects will help create your client fan club. And it is your client fan club that will always have you at the top of the sales scoreboard.

“Combining old-fashioned etiquette with new age technology is the savviest strategy of all.”


Reality Check: Is Your Business Future Ready?

Women are finally rising to have their say. Is your company prepared to have women participate as equals in the Board Room, in the Executive Suite, and provide new ideas to help you become future ready?


The best motto I learned in my youth comes from the Girl Scouts ‘Be Prepared.’ On one level it is easy to prepare for new appointments and follow-up calls. We can keep running task lists for each day and prioritize goals for the month, quarter and year to make quota. All of these items lead us to successful sales. But the part that can catch each of us off-guard is societal change too.

When it became my turn to plant my feet solidly on the ground, I knew I belonged in business. But sadly no one wanted me nor did they see the wisdom of having women on their teams. I was not prepared for the ill-treatment. However, I was well-prepared to speak up and fight back strategically each time I landed on a new sales team.

My first strategic plan was to take a three-month long public speaking class. It put me on the path to confidently speaking up in a more persuasive style, perfect for convincing management to do better. A favorite example is when a base salary became the new requirement, with the suggested amount seen, I walked out of the office while saying, let’s try again tomorrow when you aren’t joking around. The next morning the offer on the table was doubled.


Corporate Boards

Another example is that of a Board Meeting in India comprised of nineteen men and one woman. Companies miss out on the fact that men and women perform differently just as people from varying cultures differ. But when you strive to bring everyone together to speak up, business soars.

Bringing together varying genders and cultures is no different than that of negotiation and sales. Begin with the broadest picture possible and together narrow down the elements that excite everyone the most.

“We accomplish much more when we work together.”


Upon becoming an entrepreneur, my goal was to teach the best and worst of what I learned in the sales environment in the hope that situations will change for the better. Many of the awful experiences hurled at me in the corporate environment became the centerpiece of my book, Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building that Gets Results.

It is gratifying to learn that I am helping younger women also to become future ready. Upon openly sharing what took place in the sales environment, women from around the world savored the book as they were and still are experiencing the same. Within a very short time-span, it became an International Best-Seller and received remarkable publicity.

Today #Empathy is trending on social media sites. And I’m happy to report that men say they gain insight from the book. Hopefully, the good ‘ole boys’ club will soon be forgotten.

Are You:
• Observing the actions of both men and women
• Asking questions and requesting feedback from both genders
• Treating everyone as an equal?
• Paving the way for equality on your Board of Directors or in the C Suite?
• Striving to reward varying genders and nationalities at recognition events?


Summary: Technological and Societal Change Dictate Future Profitability

Playing catch-up is never fun, but being out front in the lead is what makes all the difference and makes you future ready!