Instagram Promotion (also known as account boost) — is an opportunity to gain popularity

It is an action that consists of paying for your content message so other people, who are not your audience, can see it. The moment the promotion is ready the feeds of users are filled with new information . Promoted ones in addition can be in stories or on the “Explore” tab in the browser. Boosters — are only one of the possibilities of advertising and advancement. And it allows to target a needed people by their , location, age, sex etc. To accelerate the initial results, most entrepreneurs buy real Instagram followers and other involvement metrics. This allows to create a trusted first impression, raise the brand status and increase the retention rate of new users. 

Processing this function you can clearly see what kind of content is really interesting for new people, besides the usual ones .

What types of Instagram fields can you promote?

You can increment any type, including:

  • Photos
  • Video-format
  • Carousels
  • Stories
  • Messages with product tags

Elevated messages appear in stories or on tab. If you have a Professional account and beside this, the “Promote” button is available, you will see Boost point as a function in the moment of uploading to your feed.


Insta bonus

Instagram videos can also be improved using VIPLikes in just a few clicks (currently this feature is not available in mobile apps — videos can only be improved through Meta Ads ).


Advantages of ads

It is one of the popular SM platforms with over 1 billion monthly people, who are active. Of these, 90% follow business accounts, which adds an opportunity to bring in a highly engaged audience.

In addition, Instagram has high engagement rates — an average of 1.94%. On the contrary, Facebook and T. Nissitter have rates of engagement of 0.07% and 0.18%, respectively.

By promoting , you can get a wider audience, get interests, and encourage people to respond the posts you need

There are several reasons why you might want to do a promotion:

  • To increase brand awareness: If you are trying to attract new people who may be involved in your products, promoting a post is a great way to do this.
  • To increase involvement: Promoted ones can help to get more likes, comments and shares, which can lead to organic sharing and the emergence of new subscribers. It is also a common practice to buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, views, etc. This way you can quickly start the process of natural scaling of the profile.
  • To attract traffic to a site: If you promote a post with a link to a site, you can track how many users visit a site. Promoted messages can also lead to increased sales or registration.


To reach the target effectively:

With targeting, you can select who pays attention to the promoted post. You can also select a target based on location, age, gender, interests and more and better reach interested customers.

How to collect data on marketing strategies: Each promoted post contains data on its effectiveness. They can use these metrics to understand what is working and adjust their strategies accordingly.


To promote a post

Posts need an active PA to promote or grow. After setting up, check for the next steps.

Log in to your feed, click on the option you wish to advance. Then choose the Boost button. Please note that the app recommends increasing files only with images less than 8 MB in size to ensure the best quality.

Then enter the details of the ad, such as the goal, audience, budget, and duration. The goal is the result you want to achieve with the help of advertising .

The budget — in simple words is the sum you are willing to pay per day on an ad. Duration — is the duration of the ad.

After completing these steps, click Next. Instagram-Facebook Page, if you haven’t linked your account to a Facebook page yet, you will be prompted to do so. Select an existing account or click Skip to continue.

Complete the extended post by clicking the Boost post button in the Review section.