Is It Your Time To Shine?

“You attract the right things when you have a sense of who you are.” Amy Poehler.

In a noisy world – are you sharing your incredible potential with those around you?

Are you allowing your true colours to shine through?

I’m talking about those amazing gifts that are unique to you, such as your life experience, skills and knowledge.

“But how on earth can I really know that?” you may ask.

Well, if you are, you’ll most likely be waking with a smile on your face. Happy in your own skin and excited about planting two feet firmly on the floor to jump into the day ahead.

Simply because you’re being authentic and true to yourself. The best way of all to start any day.

Starting Off On The Right Foot

I had a conversation with a good friend first thing this morning. Someone who always energises me – and whose ‘out of the box’ way of thinking is so refreshing. I really appreciate our friendship.

It’s amazing how changing your perspective on a perplexing issue can often create a huge swell of positive emotion. This morning, thanks to my friend, I started to view something that had been frustrating me for weeks in a completely new light. Instead of doubting I was taking important business matters in the right direction, I started to feel “Yep! I’ve actually nailed this!”

A simple shift in perspective and I was on my way again.

Because when you trust in your gut instincts and allow yourself to do what feels right for you, so much good stuff starts to unravel!

Unleashing The Rainbow Within

None of us are born monochrome. You weren’t born ‘black’ or ‘white’ inside. Certainly not grey. Rather a vibrant, multi-coloured, multi-hued, vivid, electric and complex mix of every colour in the rainbow. It’s what makes you a one-off original.

So the possibility to step up to your unique potential is there. No one else has this special blend, this special mix of colours – attributes and potential – that you do. Trust me, it’s waiting – begging – to be unleashed. Here’s how to crack the code of stepping upwards and forwards. To allow that full ‘rainbow’ of potential to shine through;

Use All The Tools At Your Disposal

Nobody is given a full tool box for life, but you definitely have everything you need to get going. A fantastic starter kit, let’s say. Right now.

Don’t wait for everything to be aligned, in order, perfect before you think you’re ready to cross the start line. What isn’t already within you can be learned and refined along the way.

Think Of Yourself As An Olympic Athlete

The recent Olympics gave me food for thought. Do you think those athletes accidentally ended up there? Of course not. They didn’t just wish and hope and dream of being there.

They certainly didn’t listen to their critics.

Instead they committed to a process; one with measurable actions. Then repeated these forward propelling actions over and over again until they reached their goal.

Turn Challenges into Opportunities

Winners in every sphere of life have come to learn from experience. They act. They take risks. They do things that may make them feel uncomfortable at times, and occasionally upset those closest to them. They challenge themselves – every single day.

They choose what’s hard over what’s simply ‘convenient’.

Be An Action Taker

Are there numerous people out there with enormous potential? The potential to go right to the top? Absolutely! We might be talking about you..

It doesn’t make a jot of difference where you live, or how badly you want this thing, whether you are educated, beautiful, the right age or even deserving of success.

The one thing that will take you there is action. Step upon step upon step. Every day. No matter what the weather. No matter what your critics are saying on the sidelines.

And the takeaway?

Today, instead of taking the easy, comfortable route, why not take the biggest, most courageous – outrageous – action step you can think of to get closer to your idea of that Olympic podium? That dream life that you’ve been thinking about for so long?

And if you’re wondering – it’s the one where you’ll be proud to show off your beautiful rainbow colours and attributes.

In all their unique, authentic glory.