Leadership: The Basics of Creating a Productive and Engaged Workforce

Boost your employees’ level of engagement

As a leader, what can you do to boost your employees’ level of engagement? In short, how can you inspire them to work harder? Well, there are several things you can do to increase productivity among your employees. Here are some of them:



The environment in the workplace plays a very important role on how motivated employees can be. You need not find a new place to serve as your office; simple modifications will do, such as the color of the walls, the lighting, and so on.

Lighting – How well lit an office space is greatly affects the mood of the people in it. Low quality lighting can cause fatigue, eye strain, and even the emotions of your employees. Thus, you should pay attention to the lighting condition in the workplace. Don’t hesitate to invest in some good lighting system, or better yet, take advantage of natural light.


Wall Color – Studies have proven that color can influence one’s behavior. For instance, if you want a motivating or relaxing color, blue is ideal. Yellow, on the other hand, is good for increasing alertness and creativity. Red boosts motivation for those who engage in physical work, while green promotes the sense of balance.


Furniture – If you care enough about your employees’ wellbeing, you should provide them with ergonomic chairs and desks so that they will feel comfortable even as they spend hours sitting at their desks.



Another vital aspect of an individual’s work life is interaction with other people in the workplace. The interaction that takes place among your workers can promote productivity, boost motivation, or just the opposite.

Collaboration – Every workplace needs collaboration. Not only does it allow for increased creativity, it also improves relationships. As a result, people gain more reasons to be motivated and to enjoy the work they do.


Good Performers – If you have a team member whom you think needs a little push, it would be good to surround him or her with high performers. Studies show that the people we spend time or work with have a great influence on how we do our work as well.



Although money is the main reason your workers choose to stay in your company, you have to understand that keeping them motivated and engaged requires not only monetary rewards. As a manager, you should provide them with these basic needs to ensure that they will remain committed to their jobs:

Annual Leave Allowing your employees to take a break from work gives them an opportunity to recharge and relax away from the pressure and stress of their jobs. As a result, they go back to work with renewed energy and motivation, and this is key to being productive.


Flexibility – Employees of today appear to be more motivated when they are allowed to have a more flexible work schedule. Modern managers actually offer this kind of schedule to their employees to motivate them even more.


Career Development – Employees of today are very eager to achieve career development. In fact, this is one of the factors they consider when choosing a company to apply to for work. Effective leadership is about creating opportunities for your employees to grow not just in terms of their personality, but more importantly, professionally.

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