Looking To Hire a Recruitment Agency for Your Business? Here is What You Need to Know about Recruitment Agencies

The quality of employees in a business is one thing that would boost the rate of success in the industry. However, sometimes finding the right workers for your company may be devastating. The process of hiring a new employee might be hard at times, searching for the perfect and qualified employee for your business. That’s when you might consider hiring a recruitment agency for your company.

What are Recruitment Agencies?
Recruitment agencies are companies that are paid for finding employees for other businesses. An agency, on your behalf, will conduct interviews and choose the right candidates for the job position in your company. Thus, you would not have to worry about finding a qualified employee by yourself.

Why Would You Need a Recruitment Agency?
Saves time
The hiring process can be time-consuming. You may waste your business’s working days by going through resumes and conducting interviews. The requirement agencies are professionals whose work is to recruit individuals. Because of this, they will probably already have individuals who fit best in the open job position. Hiring agencies will check the eligibility of each candidate and forward the resume of the shortlisted ones to you. This is significantly an advantage since you will only have to choose from shortlisted candidates.

Saves costs
If there is a job application in your business, you will probably have to release the advertisements in newspapers or other media forms. When candidates come in, you will also need a team that will go through the resumes. In addition, the team also needs to call the shortlisted individuals for interviews. Hiring employees by yourself has huge costs compared to hiring an agency to recruit for you. Dealing with an agency will save you a lot of these costs. However, an agency fee depends on the position you want to fill. A recruitment agency fee depends on:
– The type of job position
– The salary
– Your type of business
– The number of people you intend to hire
– The kind of employment- is it full time or part-time, permanent or temporary

In general, the fee of hiring an individual is calculated by the percentage of a candidate’s annual salary. Mostly it runs between 15% and 25% of the total first yearly income.

Job security
Many of the best agencies offer guarantee periods. It means that the new employee is guaranteed to stay in your business for a specific period, usually 3-6 months. Then, if the worker is terminated or decides to leave before the guarantee period expires, the agencies would refund you or find a new hire for no extra costs.

For confidentiality
This is when your business is looking to hire a team for a new project that you would not want to release to the public yet. Again, hiring through an agency would work best in such a case.

To get professional help
Agencies hire people who are experts in what they do. They make sure to test their candidates psychologically and scientifically before being sent to any job position. They make sure the candidates have fully qualified for the job space. So you would not have to worry about hiring a fake or someone who would not bring the intended benefits to your organization.

Access a pool of greater talent
Recruitment agencies have a lot of skilled people who are looking for jobs. There you can get a variety of qualified individuals. The agencies group the individuals as per their experiences and skills and offer them to companies. Hence it will be up to you to choose the suitable candidate from the shortlisted ones.

Recruitment Agencies Types
There are three major types of recruitment agencies out there.
1.      General recruitment agencies
Commonly known as contingency recruiting agencies, these are a type of recruitment agency that focuses on making recruitments for specific industry sectors. For example, they recruit in industries such as hospitality recruiting, finance recruiting, or healthcare recruiting. Such agencies are also helpful when you are filing for an entry position in certain sectors.
2.      Executive recruitment agency
This type of agency, also known as executive search firm or retained search firm, is specialized in executive recruiting. They are helpful when you want to recruit someone for a top-level position.
3.      Staffing Providers
Staffing recruitment agencies are agencies that provide temporary employees only. Therefore, it is also known as a temporary recruiting agency. The agency is helpful if you are working on a project and you only need seasonal workers. In addition, it can be useful if you want to fill the absence of one of your employees, who is either on paternity or maternity leave or sick.

What to consider when choosing an agency firm
Hiring a recruitment agency is beneficial for your business when you are looking for employees. However, there are some things that you need to consider before selecting an agency. They include:
1. Your Business’s Needs
You need to look at and have a clear definition of your needs. Do you need to hire many or a few? What position do you need the employee for? What is the level of employment? Defining your concerns will help you choose the right agency.
2.      The Agency type
After defining your needs, you also need to look at the appropriate type of agency you would want to hire. This will help you hire the best candidate fit for your position.
3.      Affordability
You also need to check if you can afford the services offered by the agencies. For example, it will be a waste of time to look for a recruitment agency if you can’t afford their services.

Final thoughts
Recruitment agencies are useful when looking to get the right and qualified candidate for a job position in your organization. Most of the agencies will provide you with skilled and experienced individuals who can significantly boost your business.