Mistakes To Avoid When Recruiting a Flexible Workforce

Flexible workforces are the future – not just a collection of procedures and organisational speak, rather it is fast becoming a way of doing business. One that is tied to strategic goals.

Millennials are a driving force in this workplace revolution and as more people become educated on the benefits of having and being part of a flexible workforce, traditional ways of doing things will soon be outdated.

In such an environment, organisations that adapt and adopt a flexible approach to work are more likely to attract and appeal to workers that will carry their business into the future.

For those of us recruiting people, we too must move with the times and embrace a culture of flexibility or we will lose talented candidates.

Recruiting a flexible workplace requires commitment from all levels of management, a strategic focus, and the willingness to be open to candidates who may not appear to ‘fit’ the organisational culture.

To help you hire and retain the best, here are three common mistakes to avoid when recruiting a flexible workplace:

1. Recruit strategically

So often recruitment is conducted in a ‘bubble’ and people are hired to fill an immediate need. We cannot stress enough how important strategic plans are to the recruitment process. You know better than anyone which direction your team or organisation is going in – it is imperative that your recruitment team is aware of this. Empower them to find you people who will support your overall goals.


2. Focus on right attitude, not necessarily right skills

The Virgin Group has been doing this for years. Richard Branson has often said, you can teach people skills but not attitude. When recruiting, look beyond what’s in their CV. Look at how they can add to the culture of the organisation – it takes a certain person to flourish in a flexible environment.


3. Highlight flexible work arrangements

While this may seem obvious, often we forget to showcase our organisation’s culture. Take the time to highlight organisational values and benefits – candidates are searching for organisations whose values align with theirs.

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