Nonverbal Communication Cues That Exude Confidence

Those that work in the business sphere, interaction with coworkers, employees, and clients happen on a regular basis. Nonverbal communication covers a wide variety of physical actions that take place during these interactions including gestures, eye contact, posture, facial expressions and body movements.

According to Psychology Today, communication is divvied up between body language, tone, and the actual words that are said, the majority which is devoted to body language. When it comes to nonverbal cues, actions can speak louder than words and it’s good to be aware of whether the way you hold yourself is counteracting what you’re saying. Being able to adapt your nonverbal cues can help you establish your confidence with others, without being domineering.

Body language

When it comes to exerting confidence to your colleagues, your posture is of utmost importance. The way you hold yourself can portray you as strong and confident or timid and unsure. Even if you’re not entirely confident, adapt your body and assume a position of power. Power stances include leaving your hands uncrossed and at your hips, standing up straight, and taking up more space around you. By opening up and expanding your body, you exude self-assuredness and are even more approachable.

Eye contact

Completely avoiding eye contact with someone you’re speaking to signals to them that you are not trustworthy or are unsure that what you’re saying is true. While full on eye contact for extended periods of time are not advised as it can be awkward and even just as bad as no eye contact at all. If you struggle with making the right amount of eye contact, try looking from the person’s eyes to ears. It may sound strange, but switching from eye to ear and back will help you find the right amount of eye contact in your day to day life.


According to research that has been done on nonverbal communication, those who utilize gestures to emphasize their points are portrayed as more energetic. People you talk to are more likely to positively respond to what you’re saying if you use gestures, and those that don’t use them at all are more likely to be viewed as disinterested. Not only that, some of the most successful entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Mark Cuban use gestures to emphasize their points and engage with their audiences.