Opportunity is “Calling”!

Three ways to make an impression on the telephone

If you’re like most professionals, a significant portion of your day-to-day communication happens over the phone. Communicating over the phone can be even trickier than in-person communication—without the non-verbal cues that we rely on in face-to-face conversations, it can be harder to effectively communicate your message. Take a look at our three simple tips to make sure your telephone conversations are effective and portray you as the professional expert you are:


Pausing Is Essential: Well-timed pauses are important in any form of communication; they help to set the pace, make your speech clearer, and can help drive home an important point. However, pauses are even more important in telephone communication. Since your partner can’t see your face, understanding your speech becomes more difficult than usual. Pause between words and important points to give your listener more time to process your message. Pay particular attention to pausing in between important information like your name, your business, or your telephone number.


Finish Your Words: Since understanding speech over the telephone can be difficult, it’s especially important that you pronounce each sound in every word, particularly the consonants at the ends of words. For extra clarity, spell out important information, like your e-mail address or last name, and use nouns to clarify easily confusable sounds (i.e., “N as in Nancy”).


Don’t Forget Body Language: Even though no one can see you, your body language can play a huge role in how you’re perceived on the phone since it impacts vocal energy. Don’t slouch or lean back in your chair during important phone calls: sit up as straight as possible, or even stand up to make your voice sound more dynamic and energetic. Facial expression can also play a role in how you sound. Smile as your talking; it will come through in your voice and create a positive impression.



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