Overcoming Fear of Success

Don’t be afraid of the success that will come your way as you hone and develop these gifts and take opportunities that come your way.

Sometimes our fear of failure goes hand in hand with our own deep down fear of success. We are afraid to acknowledge our unique talents and gifts and what we could become. Acknowledging our magical abilities and qualities would suggest that we need to then take action, make choices, set goals and achieve results. Sometimes it is easier to just turn our backs on all these things and continue in our middling way. Afraid to fail at somethings on a certain level, but also afraid to succeed.

Whether you are afraid of the work involved, the way your life would look afterwards, losing friends if you change, or afraid of what you will be like if you succeed at something, our fear of success holds us back and is a limiting belief. Who are we to turn our backs on the talents and gifts gifted to us by the divine universe when we were born? Who are we to turn our backs on the people we could become or the lives we could lead by having worked or beginning to work to hone and develop the abilities and qualities that could lead to our success in some area of our lives and business?

Courage is not the lack of being afraid, it is the courage to act in spite of having fear. At the end of your life when you are 100 years old sitting in your rocking chair, you don’t want to regret not having realized your own unique talents, abilities, and gifts that you may have started to develop and hone but then let fear of success stop you from fully becoming the person you could have been.

In your journal or on a piece of paper answer the following questions:

1. What is an area of my life or business that I have an inkling I could take further but have been holding back on?

2. What am I most afraid of?

3. What is the worst that could actually happen?

4. What is the best that could actually happen? (just try to imagine the best you can, you likely will underestimate this one scenario)

5. Why I am worthy of the best that could happen:

Now here is a meditation to say to yourself in your heart as you take deep slow breaths that begin and end in your stomach. You can use it anytime you have fear of success, as you are about to set or take action on goals big or small, or you have an opportunity that you would like to take but are afraid of.

Breathing in, I see the light in me

Breathing out, it is shining out to the world

Breathing in, I am getting stronger

Breathing out, I am one with the universe

Breathing in, I am my full self

Breathing out, I am not afraid

Acknowledge your unique talents and magical gifts from the universe. Don’t be afraid of the success that will come your way as you hone and develop these gifts and take opportunities that come your way. Act in spite of your fear. Fear of success can be managed. It may be present, but have the courage to act anyways. You can fully realize your success and become the person, and have the life or business that you were truly meant to.