Pause To Realize The Advantage In Every Situation

Calm Can Lead The Way

Given the outbreak of the Coronavirus, it is challenging to realize the advantage in every situation. The pause is essential for us to consider varying perspectives.  I take considerable time reading articles attached to tweets in addition to listening to the news. One recent article in the Washington Post found me stopped in my tracks proving to be a well worthwhile read.

The article explains that states, in 1665, the infamous Bubonic Plague created the need for people to work from home. Isaac Newton, before he became a ‘Sir,’was one of those people needing to remain in his home.  The story shares that Newton took a little time to sit outside underneath his apple tree. Suddenly, one apple fell and hit Newton on top of his head. Newton then began contemplating the entire meaning of the experience. Unexpectedly, he discovered the theory of gravity.  The story demonstrates the importance of a pause to realize the advantage in every situation.  To read the article in, click here

Across the globe, people are experiencing tough times in every respect. Those lucky enough to still have a job are fortunate. People with a young family need to deal with a time balancing act. Single people feel isolated with a potential cost of loneliness and possible depression. The better news is we have technology that allows us to connect visually in addition to email and the phone.

Similar to Isaac Newton, it’s wise for each of us to begin to see the advantage in every situation.  With more time to spare, due to no commute and less work, now is the time for us to find time to do what we desire. Instead of complaining and wasting time, now is ripe for taking advantage of studying the information we need to advance our careers.  The advancement can be in terms of climbing the success ladder, changing positions, or starting a new business.

“Ideas, motivation, and perseverance have us reworking dead-ends into new avenues.


I have begun reconnecting with people I haven’t spoken with in years because we took differing directions.  In our journeys, we gained excellent experiences.  We can find the good in the awful as long as we are willing to learn the lessons.  Our determination to continue, helped each of us advance our purpose.  Being like-minded, a number of us are now reconnecting with one another since we have extra time.  With maturity ours, we are now finding ways to help each other expand networks and build our business.

We are all fortunate to have technology that enables working from home.  Consider using the extra time at home to reach out to your connections on the social platforms.

Ideas to move business along include:

  • Webinars with peers to exchange ideas
  • Video conferencing with friends to exchange thought for new venues
  • Create a mastermind group to advance systems and networks
  • Develop training materials and content to sell online
  • Find partner sites willing to share in the sale of your products


Upon seeing the advantage of every situation, and having additional time on your hands, give thought to the following:

  • What have you been thinking about doing but previously did not have the time
  • Which reoccurring ideas do you now have time to test
  • If you are out of a job and have money to invest, is it time to consider entrepreneurship
  • Are you keeping an eye on the falling stock market for future investment
  • Which new technology interests you, and how will you learn more?


Set time aside to revise goals for each month, quarter, and year-end. It will become evident what you need to learn and skills to update. Upon gaining clarity, create a plan to improve your knowledge and skills.

By the time we receive the all-clear to return to work, you may well be ready for the next rung of your career or headed for building your entrepreneurship.


Consider these tips to advance your purpose:

1    Realize the time is now to develop personal growth

2    Exchange ideas with friends and peers

3    Revamp your career goals

4    Commit to learning about new technology

5    Replace approaches that do not produce much with new ideas to test

6    Reset your personal goals

7    Celebrate Success!


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