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Public Speaking – Delivery Strategy

After you have crafted and rehearsed your presentation, review your delivery strategy.

Public speaking can create an adrenaline rush – so, when you are about to take the stage you may feel charged with energy or a bit nervous. Your audience will feel comfortable, when you look confident. Remember, nobody knows how you feel; they just know how you act.

Pay attention to how you hold stress in your body, and let go of some of this stress. This will help you appear more confident. Try neck rolls. Shake the tension from your hands and legs.

For large stage presentation, do sit down before your presentation and then take the podium from a seated position. Stand thirty minutes before you begin speaking. You need energy in your body when you present.

Behind the scenes, rehearse your opening lines; practice smiling; get the rhythm of the speech in your whole body. If you have some important emotionally connecting lines, softly articulate them to yourself. For an example: “This is the year!” “This is the plan.” “You are the team.” “Go get the sales!”

Whenever possible, while the audience is still being seated, speak with a few individuals in the audience. This is what I call, “the schmooze factor.” It enables you to warm up your body and your voice. If you tend to be somewhat intimidated by crowds, schmoozing helps you remember that your audience is made up of approachable individuals. If it is not possible to meet and greet before you speak – and for high-level executives often, it is not – if you are backstage, pace, rehearse, and go through your speech structure.

Do not check your mobile device just prior to delivering your presentation. This is a mistake. Do not become distracted and take your energy and focus away from your speech. Your email and voice mail will still be there after you’ve delivered your powerfully persuasive presentation!

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