Remembering We Are All Passengers On A Great Life Adventure

We are all passengers. We teach, we learn, we grow if that’s our thing, and collectively we are all here together on one giant tour.

We come in contact with many people throughout a lifetime. Some of our interactions are uplifting and others can be disheartening. All encounters have something valuable to teach us about this life adventure.

Imagine how life would change if we stopped looking to others to hear we are okay. If we instead led our lives with the deep knowing we are all more than okay. What if we let go of the incessant need to be heard and understood, and instead approached others with an openness and curiosity to learn.

When we realize we aren’t alone, we have nothing to prove and we don’t need to be fixed; we cut through the noise getting in the way of truly living our best adventure.

We are all passengers. We teach, we learn, we grow if that’s our thing, and collectively we are all here together on one giant tour.

Like most people, I can veer off the path and forget I choose how I experience life and the people around me. Sometimes I need a course correction to help me get back on track to having the greatest adventure of a lifetime.

These reminders help me see I am not alone, I am never better or worse than anyone else, and I have just as much to learn and teach as my fellow passengers. If these reminders resonate or sound helpful on your travels, give them a try.

1. We Are Equipped To Learn 

Our bodies are designed with an array of senses to help us experience life in a full way. We are all having an experience of being human. See what happens when you lean in and embrace the idea you are meant to be here to learn.

We are well-equipped students and thankfully there is no shortage of material to take in. Notice what changes when you view yourself as a student and your world as a giant playground to be fully explored and experienced. Embrace your life lessons and remember you are always okay – the learning is all part of your unique adventure.

2. Difficult Interactions Are Invitations to Learn Something New 

Most of us can relate to crossing paths with others we don’t get along with. I like to believe these difficult interactions are invitations for us to learn something new. When we are triggered by someone, the discomfort can often be felt on a physical level. This discomfort can be used as a sign to look inward and view the situation or person through a different lens.

The lesson may be around compassion, acceptance, letting go, self-love etc. Whatever the learning turns out to be, know that when you accept the invitation to understand your triggers, you open yourself to something new and beautiful.

3. View Fellow Passengers Through a Compassionate Lens

We are all students and we are all teachers. It is helpful to remind ourselves our teachers don’t always know they are our teachers. Sometimes our teachers believe they are here to teach us and forget they too are also students. See what changes when you view your teachers and fellow passengers through a compassionate lens, however they may show up.

We all process life through our unique filters, based on our individual thoughts, beliefs and experiences. It is a relief to let go of assumptions others are intending to be experienced in a certain way. Accept others before you as a gift on your journey and process the lessons they provide you in your own way. Remember we are all here to learn and to teach, but none of us needs to be fixed.

Have an amazing human adventure! 


Originally published at Huffington Post