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Secrets of Running a Successful Meeting

Three simple ways communication can transform your meetings.

It has been said that, “Meetings are events where minutes are taken and hours are wasted.” Meetings should be opportunities to share information, exchange ideas, and build your company as a team. However, all too often poor communication turns a meeting into a long, drawn out affair, that leaves everyone wondering where their day has gone and what has actually been accomplished. Want to make sure your next meeting is a success? Take a look at our communication tips below!


Stop Miscommunications Before They Start: Misunderstandings are one of the most common pitfalls that can derail a meeting. Asking questions and requesting clarification can go a long way towards avoiding issues. If you don’t fully understand someone’s point or miss part of what they’ve said, speak up. Even if it doesn’t seem important at the time, misunderstandings can be a big waste of time and energy in the long run.


Be an Active Listener: Many people see meetings as an opportunity to impress their colleagues and superiors. Because people are so intent on contributing to the conversation and sounding intelligent, they are often more focused on planning what they want to say instead of listening to the person who is speaking. Make sure to really listen when someone is speaking, rather than just making eye contact and nodding while thinking about your next discussion point. Your contributions will be more relevant and on point, and you’ll be less likely to miss important information.


Be Clear and Concise: Remember that the main point of a meeting is communicating information. Before you speak, think about what you are going to say and make sure you’re making your point in the clearest, most direct way possible. Also be sure to keep tabs on your rate of speech and make sure you’re not running your words together. Many people speak more quickly when they’re under pressure; this can decrease the clarity of your speech and make you seem nervous and unprepared.


If your communication skills are holding you back from professional success and you want to make your communication skills your most powerful professional tool, make sure to pick up a free copy of my e-book “Communicate with Clarity and Confidence!” by subscribing to our newsletter community on our website. In this free resource, I break down the myriad factors that contribute to confident communication and guide you through how to use each aspect to your advantage.

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