Spotify Marketing That Works In 2021

Spotify is the premium music streaming service and one of the leading digital platforms on the market right now. Amongst the different digital platforms that offer music streaming, Spotify is right up there as the giant of music and audio streaming services. With millions of streamers and listeners on its website Spotify provides an ideal platform for musicians, artists, content creators, and other podcasters to broadcast their work to a massive audience across the globe. 

Spotify is an amazing platform for promoting music, content, and expanding your fanbase through the right exposure, marketing techniques and campaigns. People often make mistakes when choosing to promote their brand or work on Spotify. It is important not to succumb to the common pitfalls and avoidable blunders when you are promoting your work on this platform.

Following standard yet effective and efficient methods as well as marketing techniques will ensure that you get the maximum productivity out of your investment. This will also ensure that your efforts are rewarded with tangible and measurable results. It’s important to follow marketing patterns and techniques that actually work and are known to provide concrete results in terms of boosting your profile, increasing your followers and Spotify plays, amongst other positive metrics on this digital music streaming platform. 


Effective marketing for maximum output

Before you think about marketing your content and profile, it is fundamental that you get your work uploaded on Spotify so that it can get the required exposure. It is worth noting that Spotify doesn’t provide you the avenue or platform to upload your music or content for free as YouTube or SoundCloud does. To get your content up and running on Spotify, you would need to use the services provided by digital music distribution agencies that charge you a fixed amount of money and get your content up and running on Spotify. 

These music distribution services and agencies provide a host of services that includes and is not limited to content uploading, selling, licensing, and marketing the music so that you have the best platform, tools and opportunity to succeed on these digital music and audio platforms. 

Another important factor in succeeding on Spotify is to get your account verified. There are various advantages of Spotify verification. If you get your profile verified through blue tick it gives your content authenticity, originality and it carries more weight. The badge of verification is coveted and if you want to get verified then Spotify provides an easy way for you to get verified through Spotify for artists. Besides this you also get detailed analytics regarding the listeners and how your content, such as music, is performing on the platform. Apart from this you can also send your releases and content to the editorial team of Spotify and the independent curators of playlists. 

The verification of your account also gives you access to the tools of music and content promotion, helpful resources, new features and other added benefits. So as you can see having a verified profile has tons of advantages and it brings credibility as well as authenticity to your work, which is much easier to market and promote in comparison to those who have an unverified profile. 

Utilizing the tools and resources of Spotify promotion: Spotify offers numerous resources and tools of marketing for promoting your work. Here are some of the ways in which you can grow the followers on your Spotify profile and boost the number of your Spotify streams. 

Promoting your work and content through Spotify ad studio. If you want to promote your new release or upcoming content then you can do so through the ad studio provided by Spotify. The ad studio is the advertising platform that provides the option of tailored audio ads and the users can manage and create audio or video ad campaigns based on their preference and requirements. 

It’s very easy to get started with the Spotify ad studio. It just takes minutes for you to submit the script, pick the background song and then upload the cover art. Spotify then will do the job of producing the ad which is completed with the recorded voiceover. You also have the option of setting and adjusting the targets, editing budgets and viewing the different reports detailing the impact of these advertisements. 

These audio ads are typically of 30 seconds or less and when the ad is playing you have the clickable image that will be displayed for the duration of the advertisement. The Spotify users will be broadcasted these ads during the breaks between the different songs on mobile devices and desktop. 


Share your Spotify code with the fans: The Spotify codes are essentially tags meant to be scanned just like the QR code and these tags can be used to discover and share content from Spotify. You can create the Spotify codes for various different entities such as brand profiles, artist profiles, albums, playlists and songs. Another benefit of creating this code is the fact that you can share this code conveniently anywhere like your website or social media platforms or anywhere you have the option of embedding the URI Spotify code. The users have the option of scanning these codes through an in-built scanner which is available on Spotify app. 


Embedding the Spotify follow button on the website:  When you embed the Spotify follow button on your website or any other online platform you provide the direct link for the users to click on and follow you automatically. Spotify also gives notifications to the fans when you are releasing new music or content. This provides for an easy and convenient method for you to get more streams and exposure. You can check out the developer website of Spotify for more information and details on this. 


Promoting your content on social media: It’s important to have a strong presence on social media for the promotion of your content, engagement with the fans and expanding the fanbase. For instance you can showcase your work such as music and promote it across different social media platforms through engagement with the fans. Here are some of the ways in which you can leverage the social media for increasing the streams and getting more followers on Spotify. 

Posting links to the playlists and new releases that you have lined up on Spotify. You can engage with your fans personally, build a relationship with them and ask them to check out your content on Spotify. You can also share the Spotify code that you have generated on social media. This code allows for a quick and simple way to share and access content on Spotify. 

You can also keep the fans updated on the latest content and releases, upcoming uploads, gigs and anything else you want to share related to your work. You can also use the marketing strategies and promotional ads or campaigns that are available on these social media platforms to push your content to a larger audience so that it gets higher exposure and thus increases the probabilities of more streams and followers on your Spotify account. You can also use social media analytics to track the engagement, audience response, read the different metrics and find out which promotional technique worked the best.


Submit your content to the playlist curators: Millions of playlists are generated on Spotify using algorithms, independent curators, editorial team of Spotify and the Spotify listeners. Here are some of the ways through which you can get your content on the Spotify playlists. 

Create the Spotify for artists account and then complete the verification of your artist profile. Submit the unpublished content or music to the editorial team of Spotify for the playlist consideration. Then you can pitch the music to the independent curators of the Spotify playlists. You can also try and get your music or content signed by the record label for high-performing playlists. You can also use Spotify as the social network by following and sharing the different artists and content creators that you like. These artists, in turn might follow you back and share your content which can provide a huge boost in terms of visibility and exposure for your content. 

You can also pitch the upcoming content and unreleased albums to the music publicists, content promoters, influencers and music blogs.  You must remain active on Spotify with regards to your content so that you always have something fresh coming up at regular intervals of time. This will keep the followers engaged and hooked to your content. Besides this you must also be very proactive when it comes to the marketing and promotion of your content. You must always try and think of newer ways and innovative methods to market and promote your content to the larger audience. 

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