The Worst Resume Mistakes That Could Cost You The Job

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Composing a resume for a job that you may envision is not an easy task, yet there are certain things that you should avoid at all costs! For example, your resume should provide only those facts that you can prove, which means that staying honest is vital. The same relates to basic layout and accuracy that may seem insignificant for some people but it always plays a major role. 

5 Worst Resume Mistakes to Avoid When Applying For a Job 

1. Providing vague or incomplete information. 
Remember that a successful executive resume must provide detailed data regarding your skills, education, and experience. While it is good to list your academic credentials, your work as a freelancer may matter even more. In such a case, you may provide an international CV by looking up some tips for translating a freelancer’s CV by keeping things accurate and detailed. The key is to offer something that makes you stand out, which is why avoid being vague! 

2. Mentioning skills and knowledge you do not possess. 
One of the most common mistakes that can cost you a job is talking about something that you do not really have. In simple terms, be realistic and describe those skills that you can show and implement in practice. It will help you to avoid unnecessary stress as you finally get the job! 

3. Offering too much detailed information. 
Avoid listing detailed information about your university or diploma. It can always be requested by some company that sees you as an interesting candidate. The trick here is to offer only those details that make you competitive and reflect your personality in the best way. For example, if you have helped achieve success when there were challenges or made some project work, talk about it, make it creative! 

4. Providing old or incorrect contact data. 
Another frequent mistake is providing old information without updating things all the time. Double-check your address, contact information, phone numbers, and spelling of every little detail that relates to your academic credentials or recommendations. If you make a mistake in some name, it will end up in so-called “fake information” that you have provided even if it wasn’t intentional! 

5. The use of cliche phrases instead of providing good examples. 
When talking about your soft skills and personal qualities, avoid cliche phrases. It is much better to provide real-life examples of your skills like participation in charity or social work services, being a member of some community, or studying abroad as an exchange student. You can approach cheap writing services for this purpose to make sure that your resume has no mistakes and offers a clear layout. Accuracy and style should always come first! 

Promoting Your Resume Matters 

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It is essential to promote your resume online once it has been created. Even though you may send your resume to several companies that interest you, it is important to provide online resume links and social media profiles that go beyond LinkedIn or similar networks made of professionals. Create professional Facebook and Twitter pages that reflect the skills and services that you offer, meaning that it should not be the same as your online space for family and fun. Focus on making your resume searchable by thinking about various keywords that may be helpful. 

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